Another game at Mountain Brook

After breakfast Tim and Alex went into Apache Junction to the big Farmer’s Fruit Market while Max and I went to the pool. Max and I had a great time at the pool — Max can swim across the pool without help and is happy to spend a whole morning in the water. The pool is heated and there is a hot tub next to it in case we needed to ‘warm up’ a bit. Max is also very much into telling jokes. He’s memorized most of one of his joke books, and when we’ve heard all of those jokes we start making up jokes of our own. Max loves love to laugh.

We went back to the house and Tim and Alex returned with a pile of fresh fruit ($7 worth!) about the same time. Sandwiches and chips for lunch. After we read and did some computer work and built a helicopter with Lego. Soon it was time to get dressed and ready for another family golf game at Mountain Brook. 

It took a while for us to get going — the guy at the clubhouse was so busy ‘visiting’ with two guys at the counter and didn’t have time to take our money! But eventually we drove our carts through the tunnel under the road to the first tee and started our game. It was busier today than the other day — we had to wait for players ahead at every hole and there were golfers behind us too. So that meant we couldn’t “waste” too much time putting on the green with Max. But he was happy and we had a good time. We “finished” a little early, heading back to the clubhouse after fifteen holes because Max needed a bathroom break. It was just after six o’clock and the course really wanted the carts in by 6:15 anyway. It was a little too bad because both Tim and Alex were playing a pretty good game, but in the end we’d probably had our quota of golfing fun and it was time for supper!

Back at the house Tim barbecued hotdogs and Alex made a salad. Then we continued our ‘activities’ from after lunch, reading and visiting and playing with Lego. Max had a shower and went to bed a little after eight. The rest of us watched at least the beginning of the latest “The Trip” movie before we too went to bed.

More golf tomorrow!

The Grand Canyon

We woke up early. I made a couple of coffees to go and we were off the driveway at 7:04. We’d had a Facetime call with Ed and Val yesterday and Ed had warned me about rush hour traffic going through Phoenix so we were happy that we could zip by the stalled freeways by taking the HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lane. Once we were past all the congested traffic we pulled into a roadside McDonald’s and got some McMuffins and cinnamon rolls.

We got off the main route north and took a little ‘detour’ drive through Sedona. The drive was lovely and the red cliffs were spectacular. Unfortunately we were not the only tourists who thought today would be a good day to do this! All the roadside parking lots were more than full. So the great sights are mostly in our memories; the only photos I have to show for it were these two which Tim took from inside the van.

The detour probably added an extra hour to our 4-hour ride up to the Grand Canyon, but it was worth it. We stopped again in Flagstaff to fill up the van and pick up some sandwiches to eat once we got to the Grand Canyon. Then we took the eastern route up through Cameron. From there we headed up to the east entrance to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Again, we found that this was not an ‘original’ idea. The line-up of vehicles waiting to pay the $30 park entrance fee was half a mile long! We had hoped to eat our sandwiches in the National Park but it was 12:30 and the line was moving pretty slow so we had lunch in the van.

Once through the gate we stopped at the first stop, the Watchtower, from where we got our first view of the impressive canyon. We took a few photos and then climbed the 85 steps up to the top of the tower to get a 360 degree view. Tim and Max had not been to the Grand Canyon before, and although Alex and I had seen it on previous visits, the sheer vastness of this wonder of the world still amazes.

We continued on our drive westward, stopping at some of the lookout points along the way. Tim was very much hoping to take a helicopter tour of the canyon, so we took a turn south once we got to the midway point in order to get to the small canyon airport where several helicopter tour companies are based. Unfortunately that meant we had to leave the park, and although our park pass permitted re-entry, the miles (I mean MILES!) of cars and motorhomes we saw ‘parked’ on the highway into the park entrance as we drove out ruled out a return visit for us.

We pulled into the airport and Tim was happy to learn that he had arrived just in time for a three o’clock flight. He watched a short safety video and soon joined a family of four for a 45-minute flight. Alex, Max, and I watched (and recorded a video) of the take-off. Then, while Tim was having his tour, we drove back into the town of Tusayan, just south of the park’s south entrance, and went to the National Geographic IMAX theatre to check on showtimes for the Grand Canyon movie. We were just a few minutes too late for the 3:30 show. We went back to wait for Tim. When he landed we hurried him into the van and were back at the theatre just in time for the next showing.

After the movie it was time for the long drive back home. It had already been a LONG day in the van, and we still had 4 hours of driving left. Max was holding up surprisingly well, listening to his iPod and telling jokes.

We stopped for dinner at a restaurant in Flagstaff. The temperature now that the sun was down was 1 degree. Brrrr. On our drive back to Phoenix I watched as it climbed back up to 20. About half an hour before we got home Max fell asleep with his headphones on. Tim carried him into the house and put him to bed. It had been a long but fun day. Max was curled up with a big smile on his face. It was just after ten o’clock.

We poured ourselves a little glass of port and sat down to watch Colbert. Didn’t see much of it — the kids had gone to bed when I woke up at around 11:30. I turned out the lights and headed upstairs to bed.


Max and Nala after a good night’s sleep.

Quiet morning again. I was down by 6:15 and sat in the living room. Max woke up shortly after 7 and once again claimed that he’d only slept a “wee little bit” in the middle of the night. I made coffee and we had breakfast. Then Alex and I went for a bike ride ‘around the loop’. I stopped in to say hello to the rental agent for the house and got permission to reset the garage door opener so we can use the keypad outside instead of always taking the garage door opener or front door key when we go for a bike ride or go to the pool.


Our goal was to go out to the In-n-Out burger place on Signal Butte at noon. We got there a little after 12 and had cheeseburgers and fries. After lunch we continued on to the San Tan Village shopping centre. I bought some port. Then the kids went shopping while Max and I looked for kids’ stores and entertainment. At 3 o’clock we were done shopping and we headed back home.

Happy hour. A FaceTime call with Ed and Val who are leaving for Mexico tomorrow morning. At around 5pm Tim and Alex took off in the van for a ‘date night’ (i.e. shopping and dinner out). Max was very excited about having some ‘only Opa’ time. He and I made a list of things that we wanted to do tonight and then began checking them off the list as we did them.

We took our bikes out of the subdivision and drove the long way around to the little playground not far from our house. Max made friends with the 2 kids who were already playing on the structure. We were back home by 7pm. I warmed up the leftover Chinese and we had supper. We did a bit of sketching and we built some lego and we read some stories and we watched a bit of Mary Poppins. And just as I was tucking him into bed his parents came home from their date.

We sat around and visited and tried some of that new port that I’d bought at Total Wine this afternoon. We talked a bit about the plans for tomorrow: the plan is to leave here at around 7am and be at the Grand Canyon before lunch. Tim is hoping to take a helicopter ride. And we’ll probably be home late. So we have a long day ahead. Time to go to bed.

Hiking, Biking, Shopping, Swimming, Golfing, Eating…

Sunday in Gold Canyon. I was up at around 6:30. Alex not far behind. We sat quietly in the living room so as not to disturb Max. He joined us at around 7. Alex and I took a bike ride down to Basha’s to pick up some fresh pastries and the New York Times. When we got back we had breakfast.

Then we put on our hiking shoes, found some walking sticks, and drove down to the parking lot at Silly Mountain. It was a pleasant day for a hike. We took a couple of paths around the hill and ‘the boys’ even climbed up to the top of the tallest one. Quite a view of the Mesa valley below. When we got back down we took a quick tour of the little Botanical Garden with it’s various desert plants and learned the names of some of the cacti.

Back home we had sandwiches and chips and rested up a bit. Then Alex and Max dropped Tim and me off at the Gold Canyon golf course for our 2 o’clock tee time. They went off to check out the Mesa Market while Tim and I teed off on Sidewinder. What a great day! Hardly anyone else on the course. The couple ahead of us quit after 9 holes and there wasn’t anyone behind us for the entire game. We even stopped to pose for a ‘selfie’ on the fifth fairway, in front of our townhouse. I started the game playing quite well, but that didn’t last forever. Tim played very well. We both had a lot of fun. And we played so quickly that when we were finished and sent Alex a text to come pick us up, she and Max were just at the swimming pool, expecting to have a leisurely time there, and not expecting to hear from us for at least another hour.

When she DID come to pick us up we threw our clubs into the van and made a quick stop at “The Great Wall” to pick up Chinese food for supper. Delicious. 

Not much happened after supper. I read a few stories to Max. We plotted out a bit of a plan for the next few days. We had a little ice cream for night snack. And that was the end of another perfect day.

Every Day is Saturday When You’re on Holidays

On the bike in tank top and shorts.

When I woke up and started down the stairs Alex and Max were already sitting in the living room. Early to bed, early to rise, I guess. And so begins day one of the Spring Break holiday. Everyone had slept well, although Max claimed to have been awake all night! I made coffee. Tim got up a bit later. Max changed into his shark shorts and tank top — that alone was almost as exciting for him as anything else on the menu for today — and he went for another bike ride around the neighbourhood.

Bacon and eggs and toast and another fresh cup of coffee. Too many cooks in the kitchen. Well, that’s better than none. After breakfast Alex and Max went to the pool. Tim and I sat around a bit and then walked over to check it out as well. No one else there! It’s the busiest time of the year and we’ve got the pool to ourselves! Max was making the most of it. He had his goggles on and was dog-paddling around, going a little farther every time he jumped in. I’m ordinarily not a ‘pool guy’ but with an enthusiastic little shark inviting me to join him how could I not! 

By the time we got back to the house and had showered and changed it was time for lunch. Steak sandwiches by Tim and Alex. A table full of assorted chips, too. And after reading a few stories it was time to get ready for our 2:30 tee time at Mountain Brook. 

I put Max’s new set of golf clubs on my cart and we drove out to the first tee. Max took his little driver and had a few swipes at a teed-up ball. No windows on the houses that lined the first fairway were in danger. For the next three-and-a-half hours we enjoyed a round of ‘family golf’ — no one behind us so no pressure. Max would take a putter and ball on some of the greens and try ‘sweeping’ the ball into the hole, but mostly he just cheered us all on with his endless enthusiasm. Good shot, Opa. 

After some great shots, lots of laughs, and another beautiful Arizona sunset reflecting on Superstition Mountain, we headed to Wahoo’s, the local pub, for supper. We’d missed ‘pizza night’ yesterday, so that’s what we ordered tonight. Wahoo’s seems to be crazy busy all the time, so we were lucky to get a table near the ‘band’. The pizza was pretty good, but the music is what Max liked most. Not just the middle-aged couple who were singing along with a recorded music track, but the three or four couples who took every opportunity to go up and dance. Max sat and watched intently, snapping his fingers to the music and telling us he couldn’t help it but he really felt like going up and dancing too. I got the feeling it wouldn’t have taken a lot of arm-twisting for him to do it, too.

Back home after a very busy day, Max watched one of his (Netflix) shows as he ate his cherry ice cream for a night snack. I read him a bedtime story and by the time I got to the end so had he! The adults held on for a bit longer, but not much. We were checking the time regularly, just waiting for 10 o’clock so we could feel okay about going to bed, too. 

The Kids Arrive!

Today is Friday. Tim and Alex booked off an extra day of ‘holidays’ so they could drive down to Fargo this morning and catch an Allegiant flight to Mesa. They are scheduled to arrive here at 2:40 pm. I spent the morning cleaning up and getting ready. Well, actually I worked on a crossword puzzle for an hour or two. I made a grocery list but decided that we would stop on the way home from the airport so the kids could have some say in what we should pick up. I wasn’t sure if we’d go out for supper on our first day or if they would prefer staying at the house for the first evening (which would mean they’d have to cook!).

At about 2 o’clock I took my golf clubs out of the van and headed for the airport. The Mesa airport is about half an hour from my place. Actually it’s nearly 10 minutes just to get out of Gold Canyon and onto the highway. 

I parked the car and went into the arrivals entrance. In a few minutes the doors opened and passengers began to come through the gate. Tim and Alex’s seats were in row 4, so they were one of the first ones off the plane. The minute Max saw me he got a big smile and began to run. I had my phone camera ready, and that stopped him in his tracks. Pose. Snap. Run. Hug. We’re in Phoenix!

While the kids waited for their luggage Max and I headed outside to feel the warm sunshine and get a couple of close-up looks at some of the cacti in the planters in front of the terminal. And then we loaded up the van and headed for Gold Canyon.

We stopped at Bashas and filled up a grocery cart. Max was getting impatient. He just wanted to get to the house and get into his shorts and sandals and explore.

The first impressions upon entering the house were great! I was happy that Tim and Alex were happy, and Max declared it ‘awesome’ after a quick tour. Max got the downstairs bedroom so he unpacked his bag and put his things into the multi-colored dresser. We opened up the big sofa-bed and found sheets and a blanket for that. Then we sat down and had G&Ts and ‘unwound’. Max was VERY wound up! He’d apparently been so good and patient during the 3.5 hour car ride to Fargo, and then the plane ride, and then the drive here and the grocery shop stop — but now he was a bundle of energy and he needed to get some release. Time for a bike ride. He gave his little green bike a hug — hadn’t ridden since last fall — and got his helmet on. Alex walked with us as we took a spin around the ‘neighbourhood’. A few gentle ups-and-downs on the roads here — better remember to step on the pedals for the ups and put the brakes on for the downs. It didn’t take long for Max to get the hang of it. We checked out the pool area and the community centre. We said hello to some of the neighbours who were polishing up their fancy cars and motorcycles on their driveways.

We parked the bikes in the garage and then went for short walk. It was sundown and the sprinklers were starting up on the golf course. No more golfers. Safe for Alex, Max, and me to walk across the course behind the 5th green and go check out the little playground not far down the road. Lots of bunnies and birdies to distract a young curious Canadian along the way (and Max enjoyed it, too!).

A bit of exercise and it was time for dinner. Tonight’s meal would be rib-eye steaks barbecued by Tim and ‘rice-a-roni’ and a salad made by Alex. Delicious. This is going to be a GREAT week!

By ten o’clock it was midnight in Manitoba and we’d had a long and exciting day. Time to hit the hay. Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow is Saturday. Bacon and eggs. Fresh coffee. Can’t wait!


First Game at Mountain Brook

I woke up after 7:30. Yikes! I’d better hurry or I’ll be late for the 9:15 tee time at Mountain Brook. Ken Loewen and I are golfing this morning. I quickly showered and had a little breakfast before driving my van out of the maze that surrounds my subdivision. I was happy to see Ken’s CRV with Manitoba plates at the golf course parking lot — I hadn’t heard from him and wasn’t a hundred percent sure he’d received the booking email. 

We were paired up with two Americans, one who lived in the area, the other from Iowa. Mountain Brook switched the front and back nine around earlier this season. So although this course really feels like my ‘home’ course — it is, after all, where Sue and I first took up golf when we were at Jill’s house for the first time in early 2011 — today the entire first nine holes felt like we were near the end of our game. Bonus! Nine more holes to go! The greens here were VERY sluggish compared to the greens we’d played a couple of days ago at Sidewinder. It took a few holes to adjust. In the end we both played quite a few strokes better than last game, and we had fun.

It was around 1:30 when we got back to my house for lunch. Sandwiches and Sam Adams. Ken left at around 3:30 — time to go back to his RV park to pack up his motorhome and prepare for tomorrow morning’s departure, heading for home.

I got on the road bike and went for a ride. I stopped in at both golf courses and enquired about a ‘deal’ for golf for the next month. The green fees are expensive, although there are cheaper options outside of Gold Canyon. But after talking to the folks at both pro shops, I think I’ll be happy golfing here — especially after the end of next week (Easter, end of March) when many snowbirds will have left for home and the courses will be less busy. I don’t need ‘prime time’ tee times — and am happy to golf ‘twilight rates’ which start at around 2pm. 

When I got home I showered and sat around for a bit. I drove down to Basha’s to scout out supper options. I didn’t really want fast food and I thought maybe I should try ‘cooking’ something. Hmm… Maybe not tonight. I came home with a couple of ‘Lean Cuisine’ packages (we used to call these ‘TV dinners’). I can follow basic directions and know how to set the timer on the microwave. ‘Cuisine’ is certainly a misnomer! The cardboard container of chicken and noodles didn’t taste any better than fast food and I’m pretty sure it isn’t any healthier either. Oh well. Tomorrow the kids come for a week and there’ll be no shortage of great ‘home-cooked’ meals!

Speaking of which, tomorrow the kids arrive! I’m so looking forward to that. It’s the reason I’m here! It will be great to spend another ‘holiday’ together.

After ‘dinner’ I tried watching a subtitled Swedish movie on Netflix again. I started it a couple of nights ago and quickly fell asleep. I made it about 30 minutes further into the show tonight but in the end all that fresh air and exercise took its toll and I surrendered to the night.

Enns ‘frindschaft’ hike to the heiroglyphics

As per our earlier arrangement, this morning I’m expecting Eric and Anne Froese and some of Anne’s “jeschwister” to join me for a hike up to the ‘heiroglphics’ on Superstition Mountain. The Enns sisters and their spouses book suites in Tempe for a few months every winter.

It’s ten o’clock and the doorbell rings. Nettie and her husband Mark arrive. Earl and Mary and Eric and Anne arrive a few minutes later. We have a quick house tour and then we’re off. Earl and Mark will not be hiking; they will idle around the area for the next few hours, “house-shopping”, while the rest of us get a bit of exercise.

We pile into my van and drive up to the parking lot at the trail head. The forecast for today was for HOT weather, but there are clouds and a gentle breeze so it’s really quite comfortable. We gather an assortment of water bottles and walking sticks and go through the iron gate at the entrance. I’m not surprised that the biggest challenge today will not be the walk; the biggest challenge will be to avoid serious collisions with the hundreds of like-minded tourists on the trail. It’s high season here in sun country.

The wide path and gentle incline make for a relatively easy hike, and as we set off it is soon apparent that I will talk more than walk today. A captive audience. I really haven’t visited with these ‘cousins’ for a very long time and I do my best to make up for lost time today!

It’s a bit tricky picking a level of difficulty for a group you don’t really know very well. I’m am assured that the trail and the pace is okay, but not all of them are quite as keen by the time we reach the last section where the path narrows and the incline increases. Some of them decide to take a break and wait for a couple of us while we go to the ‘end’ of the trail.

Nettie and I keep going. It’s just a short climb and we’re there. And who do I see standing next to the slimey pools of water up here? Hey, that’s Hans and Ken! I join them for a couple of photos.

Nettie and I are just about to descend when Anne comes around the bend. She too is going to see those ‘heiroglyphs’! We take a few more minutes and then the three of us return to where Mary and Eric are waiting for us. Back down we go. The sun is warmer now. Must drink water or we’ll suffer later.

Earl and Mark are waiting for us at the Jack-in-the-Box near Basha’s, where we have agreed to meet for lunch at around 12:30. We are going to be a bit late. The wait is too long for Mark; he has decided to go back to the condo and look after their pet dog. Mary texts Earl that we will be a bit late.

Earl, Rudy, Eric, Nettie, and Mary. Photo by Anne.

We get to the restaurant about 20 minutes late. No problem, says Earl. He buys lunch and we push two tables together so we can sit as a group. The visit continues well past lunch. It’s happy hour by the time we say goodbye and head back to our respective homes.

Back home I cut up an apple and sit down to work on my blog. SERIOUSLY. Gonna bring it right up-to-date today. And I do.

For supper I have the leftover pizza in the fridge. I’ll have some of that cherry ice cream for a ‘night snack’. I watch a bit of Trumpy news. I flick through the channels and end the day with Colbert and Kimmel. 

A Farewell and a ‘Menno’ supper

Tuesday. The Dycks are packing up. They’re going back to Palm Desert, a four-and-a-half hour drive west from here. We had coffee and toast. Arlene put the sheets in the laundry and the dishes in the dishwasher — and then showed me how to use both machines. As it turns out the machines are not so different from what I have at home — I will manage. 

After Arlene has made the bed and restored the room to better-than-new, Robert backs his Honda up to mine and we move the clubs from one vehicle to the other. Load up the suitcases too. And say good-bye. Come again. It’s been fun. Drive safely.

I am alone again. I have a call from Ingrid who is getting her TV and internet re-configured. Then I get an email from Hans, inviting me and Ken Loewen to a ‘Mennonite dinner of farmer sausage and wine’ that Chris will cook tonight. Huh? That doesn’t exactly sound like a ‘Mennonite’ dinner. But I’m in.

I look at my Yahoo weather app, which gives me the current weather conditions for the places I select. Here are my three places, and the ‘Flickr’ photos that the app links to for each place. Looks like I’m in the right place. Nineteen degrees isn’t all that warm, and even Portugal, where my friends Dave and MaryLou have been rained on for the last couple of weeks doesn’t look so bad. But look at that photo for Steinbach! The temperature is PLUS 2, but the photo looks like it’s ‘schteeming’! I sure hope the snow is gone by the time I get home a month from now.

I work on updating my blog. Shoot! I should have taken some more and some better photos. Oh well. I want to go for a little bike ride. I need to finish my crossword puzzle. I should really check out the movie I didn’t watch last night and see if I can watch it again before my iTunes rental expires. I do that. Yeah, it’s a pretty good movie. 

I’ve volunteered to bring dessert to the dinner tonight. What will I get? Oh, I’ll stop at Basha’s on the way and see what the bakery has made today. But I end up Facetiming with Tim and Max and when I hang up I really have to hurry to make it to Hans and Chris’s for the 5 o’clock invitation. 

Google maps sends me south down the 60, to the Florence turn-off, and then back up on the Arizona Farms Road. It’s supposed to take 45 minutes, but it’s rush hour. I get caught in rush hour and road construction once I’m in the San Tan Valley. Plus I still have to get to a grocery store and buy my dessert. There’s a big Fry’s store not too far out of the way. I select a cherry pie and some cherry ice cream to go with it. And then I wait and wait in the turning lane out of that parking lot.

I arrive at Hans and Chris’s nearly half an hour late. No problem. It’s Arizona. We’re all on ‘holidays’. We sit in the backyard, next to the pool, and just across from the 17th fairway of the golf course around which this neighbourhood is built. The evening is warm. The sun is setting. The music from the dance hall about a mile away is wafting across the golf course. 

Chris has made a delicious ‘Menno’ meal. Bothwell farmer sausage and scalloped potatoes. I guess there is a Mennonite sausage smuggler who sources these things! It is a fine evening of laughter and story-telling. Chris is a good cook. The Neufelds are excellent hosts.

I drive back home via a different route — basically zip right up along Ironwood Road all the way to the 60. No traffic issues now — these retired snowbirds all go to bed by 8:30.

When I get home I feel a bit bad about not getting much done today — especially as it pertains to my blog. So I will try again. Shoot! the internet is down. (What else is new — it’s the same Mediacom flaky service that I endured when we were here in previous years.) Oh well, I tried. Might as well go to bed. So I do.

And Ken makes it a foursome

Monday. You know it’s going to be a red-letter day when it begins with bacon and eggs. As Robert and I were enjoying our morning coffee it was clear that Robert’s lower back was giving him some serious discomfort. What to do? I wondered if Robert would or should be golfing today, but he insisted he’d be fine. I suggested a combination of pain killer and muscle relaxant. He agreed. I volunteered to the drugstore for some Robaxacet if he would fry up bacon and eggs for breakfast. Deal.

When I asked the pharmacist for some Robaxacet he looked at me and said, “Maybe in Canada, but not here.” What? “You can’t buy that without a prescription in the USA.” Huh? But this is the land of the free and the home of the brave. “Yes, and our scientists develop the drugs and then you Canadians make generic copies and sell it for cheap.” His tone was one of derision. I returned without the remedy. Robert was gracious and made bacon and eggs anyway.

Can you sit up if I press down here?

It seems that Robert has more resources that he can draw on in such a situation. That iPad of his soon connected with family ‘experts’ who prescribed a series of exercises that should loosen up those tight muscles. Robert recited the instructions and Arlene got into the act, helping him with his stretches.

I got a text message from Ken Loewen. When he learned that we had a 1:38 pm tee time he messaged back that he was at the Mexican border but would try to be here in time to join us. I called the golf course and added a fourth to our group booking. Great!

In the mean time Robert had called the Gold Canyon Golf Resort spa, and was off for a massage treatment before lunch. He returned feeling MUCH better. Things were looking up.

Robert made sandwiches to take along and we headed to the course. We were just registering when Ken pulled up. He’d parked his motorhome at an RV park in Mesa and was here and ready for a game of golf. The sun was shining warmly and there wasn’t a breath of wind. Things are definitely looking up!

Robert on the fairway, while a very bright red-orange bird tweets away in the branch above.

Each of us shot some great shots and mixed in a few not-so-good as well. The course was busy — it’s spring break in some states and provinces, and this is definitely ‘high season’ here in Gold Canyon. We often had to wait for the group ahead, but we enjoyed the day and all finished the day with ‘decent’ if not great scores. 

After the game Robert asked one of the cart boys for a supper recommendation; he directed us to the Hub Grill in Mesa. We got into our vehicles and drove a few miles down Baseline Road and found the pub in a corner strip mall. 

She really wanted to sell me a pedicure! Maybe next time. I had no idea you could get a nail ‘rebuilt’!

When we pulled into the parking lot I noticed a ‘Nail Salon’ in the same strip mall. I had torn my thumbnail on the edge of the cup when I reached in to retrieve a putt, and I was worried that the nail would tear further unless I could ‘glue’ it back together. So while the group waited for a table, I had a lovely Filipino girl repair my nail — not just ‘glue’ it, but totally rebuild it! Who knew?

We enjoyed quesadillas and craft beers and conversation in the comfortable night air. Then we said goodnight to Ken, who was going back to his motorhome while we headed back home. 

It really wasn’t very late, so I selected a movie for us to watch (“I, Tonya”) while we sipped our evening glass of port. Unfortunately I am unable to give a proper ‘review’ of the movie since I only saw the beginning and the very end of it. The Dycks both claimed to have enjoyed it. I guess I will need to re-view it sometime. For now, I stumbled up the stairs to the bedroom and continued the snooze I’d begun in the living room. A good day; and good-night!