Giants Win! Giants Win! Giants Win!

Sunday: The usual routine today. Fareed and Reliable Sources on CNN, French toast with Sue, NFL Countdown, sit and watch football.

Game one today, the Ravens just barely eked out a win over the Houston Texans. Then Game two.

Eli Manning beats the PackersWow! From the start the Giants looked like they were in the game. Taking it to the Packers. Eli was able to move the team up and down the field. Even when the refs blew a crucial call, the Giants were not to be deterred. Aaron Rodgers looked terrible — and when he did throw a good pass his receivers couldn’t catch the ball. It ended with the Giants winning 37-20 in Lambeau Field. Shocking!

Next Sunday New York will be in San Francisco, winner to go to the Super Bowl. It’s too bad I’ll miss the latter part of the game because I’ll be at the airport picking up the Hildebrands.

Supper was leftover chicken (again!). Weather was coolish, with a few drops of rain overnight. Tomorrow the Driedgers and Neufelds are off to Sedona for a couple of nights. Sue invited them here for supper on Thursday night. Tomorrow Al and Shirl are here in the afternoon — golf and supper.

We watched the Golden Globes in the evening — lots of beautiful people and it looks like there are a whole lot of great movies we still have to watch.

Tebow tanks

Saturday: Rudy and Sue re-watched the movie from last night (The Debt) – and were glad they did. It was a very good movie. We walked to Walgreen’s to return the DVD before having a late lunch back at our house. We watched NFL playoffs – first the Forty-niners beat the Saints, then the Patriots walloped Tim Tebow and the Broncos. Sue and Alex talked on the phone quite a while. We had leftover chicken for supper.

More golf lessons

Friday: Rudy went for a golf clinic (driver) in the morning at Mountain Brook (presented by two young golf pros) – and came back feeling positive about what he learned. Kaaren and MaryLou arrived at our house around 4pm. The boys were golfing 9 holes at Mountain Brook.

Sue and Rudy at Wine Canyon Sunset on the Gold Canyon Golf Course Wine-tasting on the Wine Canyon patio Rudy roars at a good one.

We all met at Wine Canyon for wine tasting and appetizers and great sunset views of the Gold Canyon Golf Course. We picked up a couple of pizzas at the Firehouse Bar & Grill and all had supper together at our house. After supper we watched “The Debt”, a movie that Ken and Kaaren had seen before and recommended – but Rudy and Sue both slept through parts of the movie.

NBA game in Phoenix

Thursday: Moving day for the Driedgers and Neufelds. Dave took two loads in his car to Tom Sung’s apartment (on Idaho Road). At around 4pm we left for Phoenix.

Neufelds, Driedgers, and Nikkels at a pre-game dinnerDave had ordered us NBA tickets on We parked not too far from the US Airways Center in downtown Phoenix and headed to the place where we had agreed to meet. The restaurant we had picked was closed but our friends were there waiting to meet us. We decided to go to another restaurant (Majerlys) just down the street.

Rudy with banners at the Suns' game Watching the Phoenix Suns game Watching the Suns play

After dinner we went to see our NBA game – the Cleveland Cavaliers versus the Phoenix Suns. It was an entertaining game even though the Suns lost. Steve Nash played well and was the top point-getter.

A big waning moon guided us back to our home near the Superstition Mountains.

Cycling, Golfing, Eating

Wednesday: Rudy and Sue cycled in the morning. After lunch Dave and Ken went golfing with Tom Sung. The rest of us went for a ride around the neighbourhood, where MaryLou took photos of mailboxes for her blog article.

Sue at sunset on the golf courseWhile the Nikkels golfed nine holes at Mountain Brook, Kaaren and MaryLou made a chicken dinner.

Higher Ground?

Tuesday: Rudy, Sue, Ken, and Dave went for a long hike up Silly Mountain – probably not that good for Dave’s hip and Ken’s knees.

MaryLou and the purple bikeKaaren and MaryLou went for a bike ride. They road 20kms! Right to Walgreen’s and back, with MaryLou riding the big purple bike! Very impressive. Dave and Ken golfed nine holes while Rudy and Sue hit a couple of buckets of balls on the driving range. We walked to Walgreen’s to pick up a movie. Ken barbecued salmon for supper. We watched our movie, “Higher Ground”. The theme? Religion.

Ken & Kaaren arrive

Monday: Sue, MaryLou, and Dave went to the Mesa Market to buy fruit and vegetables and then to Bashas for more groceries.

Mountain Brook Golf clubhouseThe four of us golfed 9 holes at Mountain Brook in the afternoon.

The Driedgers picked up Ken and Kaaren from the airport and we all enjoyed the taco casserole that Dave made for supper. We had a long discussion (about religion!) around the dinner table.

Wildcard Weekend

Yesterday afternoon we went to the Queen Valley Golf Course for 18 holes of golf. Beautiful weather, pretty good scenery, semi-interesting course, poor score. But the beer was cold and the experience and time with friends was excellent. After golf we hurried home to watch the last minutes of the Texans beating the Bengels. Then we watched the Detroit Lions lose to the Saints. We had a great spaghetti supper in there somewhere too. Went to bed after watching a bit of SNL. Tired but happy.

This morning we were back on track with our usual Sunday routine: watching Fareed Zakaria and Reliable Sources on CNN, and having french toast for breakfast! Then a bit of NFL.

The first game was the best of the weekend: The Giants blew away the Falcons. The second game saw Tim Tebow once again pull out a miracle finish as the Broncos beat the Steelers in overtime!

We had weenies and potatoes for supper. It’s almost a full moon out there — it will be tomorrow night. The Driedgers watched “The Good Wife” on TV and then the four of us headed out to the Cold Stone Creamery out on Crismon Road for a late-night ice cream snack.

Tomorrow we’ll probably go back to Mountain Brook for 9 holes of golf before the Driedgers go to the airport to pick up Ken and Kaaren.

Reading Day

With 16 holes of golf yesterday and another 18 scheduled for tomorrow, today was to be a reading day — a day ‘off’. Started out like that. But not long after breakfast Sue suggested a walk to Walgreens to return yesterday’s movie (Margin Call). So while MaryLou cleaned the inside of her car, the rest of us walked through MountainBrook to Walgreen’s and back. Sandwiches for lunch. Then, a short nap before taking a drive to the Mesa Marketplace. MaryLou bought a shirt, Dave did too, Sue bought some fake Norwex cleaning cloths.

Sue made pizza for supper. After that we watched The Daily Show and Colbert; then we watched 3 episodes of “Friday Night Lights”, a DVD series the Driedgers brought along with them. Ended the night with a bit of NBA and some projections for NFL Wildcard Weekend which begins tomorrow.

Sunny Wednesday

After breakfast Sue and I went for bike rides. We came home and showered. By the time we were done the Driedgers were back from a big (Seniors’ Day) shopping day at Bashas. Marylou made us sandwiches for lunch.

After lunch I worked on my YFC website — still just setting it up. Dave and Sue read. Marylou worked on her blog. The Driedgers went for a bike ride at 3. The Nikkels stayed home.

Basha High School boys basketball teamWe went to Santan Village later in the afternoon and stopped in at the Apple Store and the big wine store. After a bit of shopping we went to check out the Bash High School Basketball game in Chandler. It was fun watching these high school boys play with talent and skill we don’t often see. The Basha Boys team is number one in the state and handled the opponents easily.

After the game we went to the Firehouse Bar for burgers.