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Levon Helm, R.I.P.

Thursday: What did I do today? Looked longingly at the golf course while I ate my morning toast in the sunroom. Is it still too cold? Hmmm… I met Brian and Robert and Roger Loewen at Smitty’s for a morning coffee. I also stopped by Holiday Travel — the girls were having a meeting.

After lunch Dave came over with some nice drill bits and helped me install my new electronic keypad deadbolt in the front door. We celebrated that accomplishment with a beer. Meanwhile, Sue was wrecking her back outside, hoeing the weeds in all our plantings.

Levon HelmI read the news and learned that Levon Helm, lead singer of The Band, died of cancer today. Sad news. I pulled up my Levon Helm’s tunes on my computer and we listened to that for a while.

Sue and I watched the local news before I went out to barbecue hamburgers. Another evening of NHL playoff hockey tonight.

Good morning from Tofino, BC

Sitting here in Tofino. We’ve had our breakfast (coffee, a Boston Creme, a really delicious yogurt, and what’s left from a pound and a half of fresh BC cherries). We’ll read for a while, then head down to Ucluelet. Plan to spend the night at Dave Wiebe’s farm in Duncan. Maybe we’ll watch a bit of the Bomber/Stampeder game tonight.

Friday – it’s Friday!

not that i don’t like going to school. no, i love my job. and once i’m there it’s always great. but i sure do like sitting here all lazy in the morning and drinking my cup of copy, listening to itunes, and updating stuff on my computer. it’s as good as it gets.but now i better leave this and go get ready for another day. i’m listening to the latest k.d. lang and sheryl crow albums. not bad.

Saturday morning – marking assignments again

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Today I’m marking Canadian Studies (grade 11) ‘Western Gazette’ newspaper projects. In fact, I’m NOT marking — I’m fooling around with my blog instead — anything to keep me from doing what I ought (and hate) to do. Mom always said (in Low German) the sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll be finished. So, now that I’ve posted and looked at my new theme for this old blog (and updated wordpress and most of the plug-ins) I’ll get my second cup of coffee and ‘have at ‘er’. Until next time, adios.

a week of school left

good thing i mowed the lawn last night. now it’s wed. morning and it’s raining again. we had a wicked rain on sunday just after we finished cycling the mcc bike the interlake cyclathon — 200kms. and now it’s raining again. it’s days like this, when i get up early and sit at my computer with my first cup of coffee and look out the front window of my house — and it’s all gray outside, the driveway’s washed clean by the rain, sheryl crow is singing sort of country music on my itunes, and i think to myself, this must be what retirement will be like. ahhh. and one week from today exams begin, and there will be no more lessons to teach until next fall. this will be a good day.

Another Thursday Night — marking

So I got home tonight and thought I had the whole evening to do nothing — maybe just sit and watch TV. Then I got caught up reading the journals of the students in my web design class — and then I started marking finished web projects — and although I took an hour break to go for a drive and get a Dairy Queen blizzard and a Tim Horton’s coffee, I ended up marking until 10:30 — the CBC news was mostly over — and BINGO! another evening’s dead and gone. Oh well, the weekend is almost upon us.

Happy Mother’s Day

Sunday Drive in Manitoba

Just got back from a ride in Ed & Val’s motorhome. Tim & June, Roy & Maryann, Ed & Val, Rudy & Sue took a drive out to the Pembina Hills. Saw the big Manitoba windmills, had lunch at the Pembina Crossings Restaurant, ice cream in Winkler, and gawked at the old Mennonite housebarns Neubergthal. Had a fun day. I’ll post a few photos (courtesy of Ed).