A year older

My birthday! Woke to a fresh cup of tea brought to me in bed! What a way to start the day.

The day unfolded here as most days have… a swim (25 minutes in circles), yoga, needlework, etc. Rudy and I went for a walk on the golf cart track around the golf course at dusk. The design is very appealing with waterfalls and ponds and fountains. There are few streetlights and we walked hand in hand. No outside pressures — just US.

We ventured out for a birthday supper celebration. We got some headlamps (Rudy’s taped to the top of his bike helmet) and made our way down the dark sidewalks. It seemed precarious and frightening and this added to the excitement and adventure of it all. We went to a Mexican place called ‘Agave Fresh’ for margaritas and enchiladas mole and tacos and refried beans. It was loud and busy and happening for a Sunday night and it felt Mexican and tropical and novel all at the same time. After the meal we passed a small ice cream shop where we sat down and had a little ‘dessert’. The ride home was hard to see again, but we made it home without incident.