Day One at Monterey Country Club

This is our first full day here and it has been a day of exploring. We took a bike ride in the morning down to Bristol Farms to have a chai latte and a coffee. It’s a great way to start an adventure.

The streets and avenues within the compound are very lush and the water spritzes out of the irrigation nozzles many times during the day.

We stock up on groceries and pack them away in the cupboards and fridge and it feels good to be setting up house. I am glad to be getting away from restaurant food. I hope to be able to change some of my eating and exercise habits while I am ere.

We stop by the clubhouse to check out the pickleball courts, etc. but it is a weird system and costs way too much. So I guess pickleball is out. I checked out the pool closest to our place. No one there and so cool and lovely. Not exactly a lap pool but I can swim in circles and I will do that a bit. I love how close it is and the fact that I have it all to myself.

Evening was good and I had another guitar lesson. I am quite pumped about learning more stuff.