Cool and wet in Palm Desert

Oh, oh! This is something unusual. A cloudy sky. And some scattered drops of rain! I ate my cereal and yogurt for breakfast. Just before 8am we were off to the university parking lot to get a (free) Covid test for Naomi. Drive-thru, get a ‘self-test’ bag, swab each nostril for 15 seconds, and deposit the kit in a big barrel. And then back home. After Naomi had had her breakfast we went for a LONG walk around the country club. Coolish, and just a smattering of drizzle.

Back at the house I watched some of the golfers and sat at my computer. Soon it was lunch. After lunch we drove to the Westfield Mall theatre for a ‘Tuesday Discount’ movie — “C’mon C’mon”. Not bad. Wasn’t sure if this was a ‘movie’ or a documentary. We checked out Macy’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods in the mall after the movie. Stopped at Trader Joe’s to pick up a few groceries. Then home. Happy hour for me, while Naomi was on the phone with Augusta for an hour or two.

Supper was a jacked up frozen pizza. After supper Naomi and I started filling in this blog — using Naomi’s notes and my budget app. Naomi wrote the first day’s notes, then headed off to the pool for a swim while I continued working on entries.