Heading down Hwy 23

Heading west on Hwy 23, Patti Griffin on the iPod, “You can go wherever you want to go”, and we are headed to California (by way of the Stobbe cabin). We will spend the night Lake George and then head for the border as soon as we wake up. The border has finally opened to non-essential travel after being closed since March 2020. We wind our way past sinkholes and sloughs. The skies are painted early winter hues of purples and greys and faded blued. Rolling hills with trees bare of leaves dot the horizon. We spot a sign for a diner in Somerset and quickly make the decision to stop for a late lunch. It’s not much to look at from the street, although actually much like you’d expect. It’s one of the half dozen buildings scattered along the main drag. There are booths and faded pictures of wildlife along with random signs about mask wearing. The benches are upholstered in brown vinyl and the corner one looks like it couldfit at tleast a dozen people. we choose a more modest one along the wall. The food is delicious in a small town way; homemade soup to go with the fries and fried chicken and also some garden fresh grreen beans (Rudy’s favourite…NOT).

The cabin is cold but not freezing. The weather is 10 degrees Celsius which seems unseasonably warm for November 7. We turn on the new heaters and the cabin is warm by the time we get back from a walk in the wood. It is dark early as it is the first day of daylight savings time. We drink a bottle of a specialty cider, a gift Augusta and James brought back from their British Columbia trip. We are cosy and warm in the darkened evening.

I love the way I feel at the start of a new adventure. The possibilities seem endless. There are so many new things that I am sure I will learn and new skills I will accomplish. It all seems entirely possible on the eve of a new chapter. I take Rudy’s guitar from the cardboard box and try a few new chords. My fingers hurt and I give up immediately. This doesn’t bode well for the rest of the trip. But tomorrow is a new day.

I continue on for 15 minutes or so and feel somewhat accomplished. I will try to keep it up. It is just a matter of some discipline. Rudy is ready. He hardly ever reads an actual book anymore. He works on his computer and consumes information online or from the TV. He says he used to read a lot and perhaps this is a push for him to do more reading.

It is only 8:40pm but I am exhausted. I’ve been up since early this morning (it is daylight savings time so it is actually 9:40pm) and given my Stobbe genetics it is a reasonable time to go to bed. If Rudy goes to bed now he will wake up at 2 and be ready to roll. But perhaps that is not so bad. Tomorrow we have a long day of driving.