Levon Helm, R.I.P.

Thursday: What did I do today? Looked longingly at the golf course while I ate my morning toast in the sunroom. Is it still too cold? Hmmm… I met Brian and Robert and Roger Loewen at Smitty’s for a morning coffee. I also stopped by Holiday Travel — the girls were having a meeting.

After lunch Dave came over with some nice drill bits and helped me install my new electronic keypad deadbolt in the front door. We celebrated that accomplishment with a beer. Meanwhile, Sue was wrecking her back outside, hoeing the weeds in all our plantings.

Levon HelmI read the news and learned that Levon Helm, lead singer of The Band, died of cancer today. Sad news. I pulled up my Levon Helm’s tunes on my computer and we listened to that for a while.

Sue and I watched the local news before I went out to barbecue hamburgers. Another evening of NHL playoff hockey tonight.