Moab to Vegas

We awoke early and headed back to the Arches to get sunrise pictures. We thought we were maybe a bit too late, but just as we turned around to head back into town, the sun peeked over the mountains in the east and lit up the arches — and we got some pretty good photos. We headed back to the hotel for a ‘hot breakfast’ — ‘belly timber’ is what Naomi’s dad would have called it — not particularly good, but it filled us up.

The day progressed in a smorgasbord for ‘visual sumptuousness’. We took the road less travelled — winding and narrow, first through Escalantes National Monument, then on to Bryce and Zion National Parks. At one point the road followed the crest of a mountain, with steep drops on either side and a wind buffeting the van as we carefully navigated our way along. But the scenery was exhilarating. And our ‘discount US senior citizen’ park pass got us a ‘free’ entries into what are surely the most beautiful places in America.

After we’d spent most of the day driving through Utah, it was off to Vegas for the night. Sin City. Rudy found a ‘hot deal’ on that got us a large hotel suite at the Tuscany Suites and Casinos ($55). We wandered through several of the big casinos on ‘the strip’ but found the sights and sounds (old people sitting on stools in front of several VLTs) less than glamourous. After a supper stop at the Wahlberg burger outlet we headed back to our room and called it a night. Not too much ‘nightlife’ for us!