The River

I worked on some more stitching this morning. Then I had another guitar lesson from Rudy and followed that up with a bit of frustrating practice. After that I did some yoga with Adriene and now I am sitting on the patio.

We ended our day with a very long walk through the dark streets of Palm Desert. We snuck into the country club across the street from ours when a car went through the gate. The air was cool. It was a long walk to the big entrance at the other end of the community. We crossed the busy street and found ourselves in a big outdoor mall complex called ‘The River’. Although it featured multiple fountains and lots of lovely areas many of the shops were empty — gone. Probably due to the effects of covid, which has kept us all in ‘lock down’ for over a year.

We couldn’t count on the big gate at the other end of the country club having a car enter or exit and thereby opening the gate for us so we could return the same way we came. So, instead, we walked the LONG way around, back to our place.