We arrive at our ‘home in the desert’.

Remembrance Day, or Veteran’s Day as they call it here in the US. We had a leisurely breakfast at a cafe at our Las Vegas hotel. (Of course we had to walk through one of the large casinos to get there … NOTHING VERY SUBTLE about that!) After breakfast we headed out on the final leg of the journey. Again we tried to stay on the smaller roads. We made a short stop at the Hoover Dam, parked the van and took a few photos of the shockingly low water level in Lake Mead, and then meandered our way south out of Nevada, through the Joshua Tree National Park — no entry fee on Veterans Day, so Rudy didn’t need to show his $20 Senior’s Pass 😉 — and finally, at just before sunset, we arrive in Palm Desert. We announce ourselves at the gate to the Monterey Golf and Country Club — JP has arranged a parking pass for us — and wind our way inside the gated community. It’s lush and green and loads of palms and hibiscus and bougainvillaea. Surprisingly, I am delighted with our place. It is comfortable. The patio looks out at the golf course, with ponds and fountains. I learn that there are 37 swimming pools in this mile square complex, each with a hot tub.

I go for a walk in the evening. It is darkish and spooky because I don’t know where each of the winding streets lead. But the air is warm and I feel like I am somewhere like Mexico.