18 Holes at Mountain Brook

Friday: This morning Sue and I went for a quick bike ride to Walgreen’s and back while Ed and Jessie went for a hike up Silly Mountain. Showered and had lunch. Not a lot of time until our 1:45pm tee time. It was a busy day at Mountain Brook but the group ahead of us moved along at a steady pace and the group behind stayed well behind and didn’t give us any pressure. The warm sunny day never materialized. But the day was fantastic. Our golf was a lot of fun. We just barely managed to finish the 18th hole before 6pm — and it was getting quite dark. But we finished!

On the way home we stopped at Basha’s and Ed bought some steaks for supper. Sue got an appetizer going and prepared the steaks. I barbecued. Supper was great. We’d had a phone call from Ed and Val, and they dropped by just as we were finishing our meal. We had a nice visit. Val had a terrible cold and was not feeling all that great. They’re picking up the Foxes tomorrow and we’re taking the Hildebrands to another house in Phoenix then too. After Ed and Val left we dealt the cards and played one last rubber of bridge. Lost to the girls. Then off to bed.