A bit of housekeeping

It will be on the seventh day that he shall shave off all his hair: he shall shave his head and his beard and his eyebrows, even all his hair. He shall then wash his clothes and bathe his body in water and be clean. Leviticus 14:9

By the time I got downstairs this morning Dave had the coffee made. While the Driedgers made plans for an excursion I ate my yogurt and half a banana. I had two important things on my agenda: laundry and getting a haircut. By the time the Driedgers left for a day trip into the city centre, I had the first load in the washer.

After catching up with all the Oscar scuttlebutt from last night, I read my book. Once my second load of laundry was in the dryer I walked to the mini-super at the front gate. I had been feeling a bit sorry for Dave and MaryLou — they were going to go for a long walk up and down Paseo Montejo, the main street in the city centre, and I thought it would be way too hot to do that in the middle of the day. But now, as I walked out of our country club, it didn’t seem that hot, especially when the sun went behind the clouds.

There was a hair salon in the little strip mall at the corner, where our long driveway meets the highway. I thought I might try to get a haircut there, but when I got there a sign on the door announced that as of February 25th they were closed! Good timing! I called an Uber to come pick me up on the highway. On her last visit to the big Chedraui store, MaryLou had noticed a barber shop right there in the grocery store. I would try that.

Although the woman cutting my hair couldn’t speak a word of English, together we managed to find a bowl that was just the right size. I’m not very fussy about haircuts and usually prefer speed over small-talk. (Why is it that hairdressers and dentists want to talk talk talk?) Not too much talking going on here! This woman would get a big tip from me — I gave her nearly twice the six dollars she charged me.

I ordered and ate my lunch at the deli counter. Then I bought the last four chocolate-covered donuts from the in-store bakery, picked up a few grocery items, and took an Uber back home. I had barely stashed my donuts away when Dave and MaryLou returned from their outing. They had also picked up a few groceries on their way home; I added the chocolate donuts that Dave had bought to the box of donuts I’d just put in the fridge. Looks like we have dessert for tonight taken care of.

Dave and I went for a quick nine holes of golf just before four o’clock. Great golfing temperature. Quick round. A couple of pars for me. When we got back we had happy hour. We watched another Mrs Maisel episode. Then I went upstairs to “bathe my body in water and be clean”.

For supper Dave made hotdogs and MaryLou a salad. When we’d watched the final episode of season one of Mrs Maisel we queued up the next series: season 3 of “True Detective”. If the first episode is any indication, we’ll have no trouble staying awake through this series. After the show Dave and I did a bit of research to find out who sang the opening and closing songs of tonight’s show. The music was great!

I finished off the evening by watching a bit of news up in my bedroom before falling asleep in my nice fresh and clean bedding.