A game of golf, a walk, dinner, and a documentary

Sunrise on Praia da Luz
Sunrise on Praia da Luz

We have 3 tee times booked at the Santo Antonio golf course this week: today, Thursday, and Saturday. And today was the earliest we’ve had to get up to make it to the golf course for our game. So it was actually mostly dark outside when I got up and showered. When I got to the kitchen to make coffee, the sun was just climbing out of the eastern sea, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky! There would be no clouds all day — it was actually a bit on the WARM side in the Algarve today!

I quickly made a ham and cheese sandwich to take along, and then Dave and I drove the 15-20 minutes to the Santo Antonio golf course. Our tee time was for 8:40 am. Dave paid and got the golf cart and we loaded up the clubs and were at the first tee at around 8:30. A little ahead of several groups, and so the starter told us to go ahead and tee off. We were hoping to improve on the scores we had when we golfed here for the first time on Saturday — but we settled for having ‘just as much fun’ as we did last time. And we were sitting on the patio with cold beers on the table, overlooking the 10th tee and the 18th green, a short three hours after we teed off! Record time!

We got back to the apartment by one o’clock. I picked up some cheddar cheese at the SPAR before heading up to our place, and then Dave made us each a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Marylou was heading out the door — off to find a place in town or on the beach where she could get her activities done without ‘the boys’ to bug her. I FaceTimed with Alex and Max — they were having breakfast and then off to school. Then I Skyped with my mom and dad — they were watching Olympics and enjoying the falling snow. After I’d cleaned up the dishes I headed out for a walk. That morning golf game just went by too quickly and left far too much of the day still available for more activities. 

I decided to head west — to the little village of Burgau, where the three of us went for a brunch a week or two ago. It’s 5 kms to the village via the coastal walk, and the 10 km roundtrip took me an hour and 45 minutes. When I got back we had gin and tonics for our happy hour. Marylou had gone shopping for all the fixings she needed to make chicken fajitas, which is what she made for supper for us. Delicious!

By 8:00 pm we were all done dinner, cleaned up in the kitchen, and back at our stations in the living room. Marylou was sleeping in her chair while Dave sampled almost all the TV channels, looking for a curling game. And I updated my journal. We watched some snooker on TV. Finally, we checked Netflix to see if there was anything new. In the end we did our best to stay awake watching a documentary about Hitchcock’s “Psycho”. And then we went to bed.