A lazy day at home

max on the couch with rudy
Just sitting here with my hands folded on my lap.
After some quality time with Max early in the morning, it was time for breakfast. But today we had a special breakfast. The girls went out to Sherman’s Bakery for sticky buns and coffee. Tim got busy in the kitchen and made bacon and eggs for the boys. Max could only sit and watch. After breakfast the girls went to the pool and the boys stayed home. By the time it was lunch the sun was high in the sky and it had turned into probably the nicest day we’ve had here since the kids came a week ago. So we had lunch on the patio (Sue’s idea).
lunch on the patio
A beautiful in Palm Desert — nice enough to eat lunch on the patio.
After lunch Sue and Alex went downtown to go shopping. Tim and I stayed home and played with Max. I got our ‘map’ ready for the drive Sue and I took when the girls got home — scouting out potential places for us to rent for March. And when we got home it was time for supper. Sue made twice-baked potatoes and Tim barbecued steaks. Great supper. Watched a bit of ‘garbage’ TV for about an hour and then everyone was tired and we all went off to bed early.