A lazy Easter Sunday at home

Alarm went off at 4:30 am. I quickly got dressed and went downstairs. I woke Max up — he was in a deep sleep, but even before he opened his eyes a big smile came over his face. “I think I will sleep on the plane,” he says as he sits up. I helped him out of his PJs and into his ‘winter going-home’ clothes. Soon his parents were downstairs with their suitcases. We backed out of the garage at around 4:50. It was still warm outside. The moon was still up there, although it was veiled by a thin ‘fog’ of clouds.

I dropped the family off at the sidewalk in front of the terminal and headed back home. There were tears in my eyes, but man, this last week has worked out SO well — we’ve all had a WONDERFUL holiday!

I got home and decided to clean up instead of going back to bed. I did three loads of laundry and moved all my stuff from the west bedroom to the east bedroom, where I have a second-story patio that overlooks the 5th green on Sidewinder. I folded the sofa-bed in Max’s room back into a sofa. I made a delicious large coffee and ate the last yogurt in the fridge. I made a new grocery list. I swept and cleaned the kitchen and dining room. I rearranged all the stuff in the garage, putting the kids’ golf equipment and Max’s bike off to one side and my stuff on the other. I finally programmed the buttons in my van’s console to open the garage door so I could put away the garage door remote control. I made lists of ‘to-do’ items for the week ahead. I watched a few of the Sunday morning talk shows. I made a huge sandwich for lunch. I finally updated my blog which I hadn’t had time to do for the past two days. I watched Ian Poulter win the Houston Open golf tournament on TV. I heard from Alex — they got home without incident, landing in Fargo and then driving home from there.

Later in the afternoon I finally took my van to the car wash — I’d wanted to do that when I first got here, especially to get all the salt off the undercarriage — but it looked okay after I rinsed it off on the trip down here and so I left it until now.  I also need to get it serviced — that dashboard reminder light has been bugging me now for almost a week.

I went to the Chinese restaurant and brought home a big order of king pao chicken and fried rice — I ate half of it for supper and have another time as much left for tomorrow’s supper. 

I watched a bit of ’60 Minutes’ and then all of ‘Jesus Christ, Superstar’ on TV. It was a big NBC ‘live’ special — I thought is was okay, but not nearly as good as the original. I recorded the original 2-record set (which I borrowed from Eric Froese sometime in the early ’70s) and listened to it so much that I had it memorized. I remember singing it from beginning to end every morning before coffee break when I worked behind the cross-cut saw at Loewen Windows the summer after grade ten. I can still sing most of it today.

I was in bed by 11:00. Didn’t do much today. No photos. But I’ve got a long list of things to do tomorrow, and I’ll probably start with a early morning bike ride.