A lazy Saturday

The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied. Proverbs 13:4

I made a pot of coffee when I came downstairs this morning. And then I made another one. And then Dave decided we should go out for breakfast. So we did. We ‘ubered’ down to Los Benes, a fine Mexican breakfast restaurant just down the road from La Ceiba. Thankfully, no wait list at the entrance. We got a table and ordered our eggs and toast. When MaryLou asked our very attentive waiter if we might have some jam for our toast, he politely informed her that yes, we could order that, but it would be an extra charge. No matter, says Dave, just bring us some jam. After waiting much too long for that jam to appear, the waiter finally emerged from the kitchen with two plates of sliced ham. Dave and MaryLou look astonished. NO! not ham — JAM! Oh, our waiter says with a look of utter embarrassment. He disappears into the kitchen and soon returns with two paper cups of ‘jam’ and many apologies for his misunderstanding.

After finishing my huevos revueltos (scrambled eggs), I took an Uber back home while Dave and MaryLou took another Uber to the grocery store.

The Driedgers went to the pool for the afternoon and I spent much of the rest of the day fixing up some website issues and watching golf on TV. This weekend’s PGA tour event is being played in Mexico City. That means that even if our fancy ‘Rocket TV’ stutters too much due to internet hiccups, we can get the tournament on ‘regular’ broadcast TV, but with Spanish commentary. Well, it’s not really such a big deal that the announcers are whispering their play-by-play in Spanish rather than in English — either way, it’s a fine accompaniment for an afternoon nap.

Soon it was happy hour again — and another episode of “Marvelous Mrs Maisel”. Dave had replenished our supply of wieners and buns and was eager to fry up some hotdogs for our evening meal. While I cleaned up the supper dishes Dave took an inventory of the movies available to us on our ‘Rocket TV’ for tonight’s viewing pleasure. After much clicking and browsing his first choice turned out to be a bust: the Spanish subtitles did not help us to understand the Danish dialogue. Back to the main menu. His next choice was “Brother’s Nest”, an Australian film. Too bad there weren’t subtitles for that one! It was labeled a ‘comedy/thriller’, but I didn’t catch the comedy and I dozed off before it got ‘thrilling’. When I came to, MaryLou was gone and Dave was watching yet another show. By ten o’clock we’d had enough ‘entertainment’; Dave turned off the TV, grabbed his Dan Brown book, and headed upstairs to bed. I followed soon after.