Academy Awards

Sunday: Are you kidding? it’s 2:16am and I’m supposed to still write my entry for the day? 

No French toast for breakfast. Fareed had a great show today. Didn’t get to watch Reliable  Sources because we had breakfast (well actually toast) at that time. Then Sue and Kathy went to Santan Village to do some shopping. I tried to read a bit. Paul sat outside and read. I made myself a sandwich at around 1. Then I watched golf — Match Tournament in Tucson. Rory McIllroy lost. The girls came home at around 4 and so I hopped into the van and went to the driving range. Blasted a bucket of balls. Came home and showered. Went back to the Firehouse Bar to pick up a couple of pizzas for supper. We ate them and watched the Academy Awards, which started at 6:30. Show was kind of boring. Hugo won a bunch, The Artist a bunch more. Billy Crystal was playing it a bit too safe as host. We all marked down our scores but didn’t really compare. Then we sat down around the dining room table and played ‘Speed Scrabble’. And then we sat around and visited. For hours. And hours. And now I’m going to bed.