Another Sunday on the couch

Sunday morning — watched our Sunday morning shows. I even missed an hour of Sunday NFL Countdown to watch Fareed, who had a special on “Innovators”, including a story on the Casper mattress. After that things went pretty much as they usually do. There were plenty of good games on the schedule today — and, as usual, most of the teams I was cheering for LOST! The New York Giants found a way to lose to the Jaguars (the Jaguars!) after being up by 3 touchdowns at the half. The Steelers lost to the Saints. Okay, the Vikings won, but they are out of it. And then my “new” favorite team, the Arizona Cardinals, lost to the Atlanta Falcons. Is that what happens when I start rooting for a team? A first place team proceeds to lose two in a row, and look like they may not even make the playoffs! Well, at least the Patriots lost, but they lost to the Packers!

After a full day of football we watched some news and went to bed. Oh, I forgot — today was the Grey Cup — but I don’t know who won. Actually, I don’t even know who was in it! Sad.