At the end of the day you’re another day older (and you’ve wasted it on a miserable movie!)

Cloudy morning. Showers, even. Sue couldn’t sit outside, although the rain didn’t really deter the golfers. Read a bit. Computed a bit. After lunch we went to the Palme d’Or theater for another in our list of Oscar-nominated movies. “Les Miserable”. It was LONG. And it brought tears to our eyes — because it was a sad movie. Emotionally sad for Sue, just awful sad for Rudy. I’d worked my way through the ALLCAPS of Film Crit Hulk‘s anti-Tom Hooper rant a while back and watching the movie I just couldn’t get over the bad cinematography. So, besides the fact that the two-and-a-half hour story was sung to us by actors in close-up, I also hated the music. Oh well, strike that off our list.

We returned our DVD rental and went home. Sue made (another) fantastic supper — my favorite, spaghetti and meat sauce. Then we watched Colbert and Daily Show reruns. Then we started tonight’s DVD feature, “Pitch Perfect”. We expected a ‘sappy’ movie, and that’s what we got. We interrupted the movie after an hour and watched a documentary about Costco. Then continued with the movie. Schlock. Dumb. Seriously? Elementary school humour. A complete insult — to grade twos. Maybe late night TV will restore my faith in the medium.