Barely Survived the Night But The Morning Brings Renewed Hope

Oh my goodness! We stayed in the worst hotel. The bed was barely bigger than a twin (I exaggerate, but only a bit). The cigarette burns on the coverlet were very off putting and the pillows were a lumpy mess. The carpet had just been put in during the day and so at least it was clean but the carpet glue smell was overpowering. The noise from other rooms went on until late in the night but, even if it hadn’t, the mattress was made of plastic and made a terrible scrunchy noise and the bed squeaked with every movement. We woke early, had a shower, and got out of Dodge. No need to describe the coffee or tea we may have gotten in the reception area because we did not avail ourselves of the brew.

We head off on the curvy scenic routes again. We pass places like Fancy Gap and Hillsville. There are Christmas tree farms, and meadows where livestock graze. Farms with old wooden barns and old farmhouses dot the countryside. It is beautiful and we forget about the dreadful hotel and the terrible sleepless night we spent there.

We make our way to Loudon Tennessee. The hotel is not that great but 5 million times better than last night. We settle in and go for a walk. But the walking is not that good so we head off in our van to a local Mexican restaurant. The food is great and the restaurant is filled almost completely with Spanish speaking customers. After we return to the restaurant I read and Rudy falls asleep, trying to catch up from yesterday’s sleepless night. Al in all, it has been a chill day.