Championship Sunday

Crepes and bacon for breakfast. Max would have ‘wuuved’ it. I know I did. Morning shows, and today we once again got to watch Fareed on CNN — no world crisis to interrupt regular programming today.

Sue’s been hounding me to find a replacement recipe app for the iPad ever since her ‘Bento’ program quit working. So I downloaded one today (Paprika) and we played with that a bit. It’s easy to add recipes from most of the major recipe sites online but it will be a challenge to export Sue’s existing database and import into the new app. I spent much of the morning working on ‘massaging’ the data so it would import without error.

Two big NFL games on today to decide who goes to the Superbowl in two weeks. Of course none of ‘my’ teams are involved, so I’m down to cheering AGAINST teams just like all those Montreal Canadien haters do. It’s not all that satisfying. I shouldn’t really even watch football the way my luck is going — but just like the Tour de France kept suckering me into watching it year after doping-scandal year, I can’t stay away from football weekends even after my teams are out of it. So once again, here I sit in front of the TV, snacking away, cheering like an idiot. First game: Packers at Seattle. I hate both those teams. Okay, I’ll cheer for the underdog Packers. I figure they’ll be in touch with Rodgers gimpy and the crazy ’12th man’ fans in Seattle. But the game is a big surprise! The Packers jump ahead early and in spite of a couple of consolation field goals when they can’t get in from the one-yard line, Green Bay is ahead 16-0 at the half. Clearly the better team. Go Packers!

But much to the chagrin of my good friends in Randolph, I have jinxed this game. Once again, the team I cheer for makes a couple of critical errors and lets the opponent back into the game. With a little more than 2 minutes remaining, the Seahawks come back to overtake the Packers. The Packers are in shock, but kick a field goal with 14 seconds left to tie up the game. And then they lose it in overtime!

Sue tried a new recipe (why not?) and made fish tacos for supper while we watched the second game: Colts at New England. I KNEW what I was supposed to do. If I could only have brought myself to cheer for the ‘Brady Bunch’ I’d have assured that Andrew Luck and the Colts would be coming here to Phoenix to play in the Superbowl in two weeks. But I — just — couldn’t — do — it. And neither could the Colts. It was a Patriot blow-out win and even I was looking forward to 8 o’clock when we could switch the channel and watch the third episode of Downton Abbey. Which we did. It’s getting better.

Sunday night CBC News. Bye bye!