Cycle to Crab Farm Winery

Saturday. Bacon and eggs. Hmm… No bacon.˜¹ï¸ (Ever since that Skype call when my dad said Sue looked like she’d put on a bit of weight, no more bacon!) Another BEE-utiful day here in Napier. No big plans for the day.

At around 11:30 we got the bikes from out of the garage and cycled along the cycling paths out to Bay View, about 8kms north along the coast. Lovely. We ended up at the Crab Farm Winery for our lunch stop. Did we have reservations? No. Okay, you’ll have to take a seat INSIDE the restaurant, and there’s a function (wedding) happening here at 3:30 so you’ll need to be done your lunch by then. No problem. We were a bit warm and quite thirsty and decided to forego the chilled white wine and ordered a ‘jug’ of a craft-brewed pilsner. Had some fancy-schmancy bread dish and shared a platter of fresh prawns and scallops. Excellent.

By 1:30 the wedding party began trickling in — women were mostly dressed in light blue nurses’ and hospital staff uniforms, a few in ‘doctors’ white smocks and stethoscopes, and one as a surgeon who’d just finished a very bloody shift in the operating room! 

We cycled back home, all the while watching a sailboat race that was happening in the bay to our left. Back at the apartment, it didn’t take Sue long to get a snooze in — after all, she’d only managed 8 hours of sleep last night!

Late afternoon we took a drive down our road and up the big hill that overlooks the port and Napier’s city centre. From the lookout on the bluff we watched as two tugboats helped a big ocean freighter manoeuvre next to the dock. It’s quite a steep little drive up the mountain and the roads are VERY narrow. The whole mountain is covered with residential housing, and, surprising to me, a large high school for girls sits at the top. Although we didn’t see very many ‘for sale’ signs and NO homeowners offering us a million bucks to take their property off their hands, Sue kept assuring me that even if we were to see such a sight, there was no way she’d buy a house up there! And even if we COULD afford a home up there, I don’t think our poor little car could take all the pulling on the passenger door’s armrest or the pushing on the passenger side floorboards every time we’d drive up or down on those narrow winding roads!

We got home safely and had our little happy hour. Sue made supper. After supper we eventually queued up a couple of the documentary films on Netflix — and checked off a couple movies on our ‘Oscar nominated films’ list.