Farewell to the Neufelds

Thursday: I woke up early today — like around 5 a.m. I spent a bit of time at the computer. After breakfast I read my Osama book — and continued to read that throughout the day. At around 11 Sue and I went for a decent hike around Silly Mountain.

After lunch Sue called Ken Neufeld on his cell phone — and found out that our friends are going golfing (18 holes) after lunch. We tried to book our own tee time but were surprised to find that nothing before 3:50 was available. That’s too late for us — we are hosting a dinner party tonight and need to be home for them by around 5:30. So we decided to forego golfing today. We both read for most of the early afternoon. Then, at around 3:30, we went to the golf course and hit a couple of buckets of balls. Didn’t really settle anything.

We came home and I showered while Sue started supper. And soon enough, our friends showed up. We sat around and visited; then I barbecued, then we had supper around the table. It all turned out pretty good. The food and the conversations were both great.

Our friends , the Newfelds and the Driedgers, seem to have had a good expeience here. Tomorrow the Driedgers will take Ken and Kaaren to the airport and bid them farewell. And then on Sunday we will take the Driedgers to the airport for their trip to Hawaii.

We watched a bit of ‘news’ (Republican Presidential debates) before going to bed.