The Reliable Old Van

I wake up very early. Is it because of the excitement of finally being here and not having to think about moving on to a new location tonight. We are 2 hours ahead of Manitoba time and so after a few hours being awake I can still phone Ana on her way to work as I sip my second cup of tea. The sun is shining in the patio window by the time I call her and the day begins so pleasantly. Rudy finally wakes up and we head out for a morning walk. It is cool in the shade but when we walk through the sun it is beautiful. It feels like the beginning of a new holiday.

In the afternoon Rudy takes his van to the car doctor. He has been worried periodically during the trip. The old lady shutters between 30 and 50 mph (you Canadians may have to translate that into kms). She also has begun to grind a bit when Rudy turns the steering wheel. She isn’t a spring chicken any more but Rudy is super fond of her and doesn’t want to start writing the obituary right away. So he takes her to a transmission guy who Carlo, the maintenance man who keeps the yard, etc. in good condition, recommends. The transmission guy says it could be a transmission problem and that if transmission fluid doesn’t work, a transmission replacement is not feasible due to the big price tag. She just isn’t worth it. Rudy sighs and starts to look online for what he might be able to buy. It all seems discouraging. He books an appointment at the Honda dealer for Monday to get a prognosis and crosses his fingers. I guess we will know early next week whether we might have to look for a place to bury her.

While Rudy deals with van issues I spend time at the pool. I swim some laps and sit in the hot tub. Nothing sad for me doing what I love to do. Swimming!