Freezing and Then Hot

The morning when I wake up and step outside I immediately reenter the hotel room. It is freezing out and I need to change from my shorts into jeans and a sweater and my down vest. Yikes! Yesterday we almost melted into the pavement when we went for a walk to the Historic Fort Stockton and today it is cold. We decide to eat breakfast out of our cooler. Rudy has bread with peanut butter and Swiss cheese. Yuck. But he washes it down with a slug of wine.  Because, as he says,  “Bread and cheese need a little wine to go with them.” I settle for just the bread and cheese. We set out in the rain with our heated seats on but by the time we have traveled a couple of hours the sun has come out and it is 23 and when we arrive in El Paso, Texas we feel VERY overdressed. We have nothing that we want to see in El Paso. I guess we feel like our trip is over and we have lost our interest to historical war monuments etc. So instead we go for coconut shrimp and salads. It is delicious, especially the salad. I am definitely looking forward to more veggies once we get to California and set up house. Rudy spends the afternoon watching Sunday afternoon football and I read and blog and just generally hang out. We are off to Bisbee, Arizona tomorrow where we will meet up with Wes and Bridget. Just a few more days before the road part of this trip is over.