Giants Win! Giants Win! Giants Win!

Sunday: The usual routine today. Fareed and Reliable Sources on CNN, French toast with Sue, NFL Countdown, sit and watch football.

Game one today, the Ravens just barely eked out a win over the Houston Texans. Then Game two.

Eli Manning beats the PackersWow! From the start the Giants looked like they were in the game. Taking it to the Packers. Eli was able to move the team up and down the field. Even when the refs blew a crucial call, the Giants were not to be deterred. Aaron Rodgers looked terrible — and when he did throw a good pass his receivers couldn’t catch the ball. It ended with the Giants winning 37-20 in Lambeau Field. Shocking!

Next Sunday New York will be in San Francisco, winner to go to the Super Bowl. It’s too bad I’ll miss the latter part of the game because I’ll be at the airport picking up the Hildebrands.

Supper was leftover chicken (again!). Weather was coolish, with a few drops of rain overnight. Tomorrow the Driedgers and Neufelds are off to Sedona for a couple of nights. Sue invited them here for supper on Thursday night. Tomorrow Al and Shirl are here in the afternoon — golf and supper.

We watched the Golden Globes in the evening — lots of beautiful people and it looks like there are a whole lot of great movies we still have to watch.