Home Again, Home Again, Dancing a Jig

Got out of bed at around 7am. Showered. Got ready for the last leg of our trip home. But first we had “breakfast” at the Super8. That means a very tidy yellow omelette that probably wasn’t real egg, but at least it had some processed cheese in it. And, of course, waffles out of one of those ‘flip-it-over’ waffle irons. Sue even tried the ‘sugar-free’ maple syrup (I know, that doesn’t make ANY sense!) but ended up pouring ‘real’ syrup over her peanut-buttered waffle. Anyway, we were in the car by 9am. Filled up gas and zipped out onto the I-29. BIG TAIL WIND today. Gas mileage will be huge — even at 80 m.p.h. my Honda is showing the green ‘ECO’ light and cruising along on 3 cylinders. I drove while Sue finished reading her 900-page Michael Jackson biography on the Kindle. We had lunch and filled up gas one last time in Grand Forks at around 1:00. Then I did my best to get that Honda GPS to take us home via Tolstoi — but the ONLY way I could do that is to make the Clark gas station in Lancaster, Minnesota my destination. Which I did. And once we passed through customs, which we did at Tolstoi without incident, I set the GPS to Home — and it wanted me to go back down into the States and head back to the I-29 and come up to Winnipeg and then east to the #12 Hwy. Seriously!

We were home just after 3:00pm. Backed the van into the garage and started unloading. We did that, but did NOT unpack or put bikes together or anything like that. No, we showered and high-tailed it to Tim and Alex’s for supper at 5. What a treat. Little Max was very excited to see us — he now talks a mile a minute and wanted to show us all his toys and activities — and we were very happy to see him again.

And now we’re back at home — it’s 11:00PM. I’m signing off. That’s it for this chapter. It’s been ‘a trip’, literally, but I’m happy to take a break. I’ll probably be back, sometime, somewhere, maybe next time I go on another trip. So for now, if you’ve been following along occasionally, thanks for your interest.

That’s all, folks!