Humpty Dumpty had a great fall…

Sue did laundry in the morning, then went to Bashas to get groceries. I hooked up our old printer and printed out the Oscar Ballot sheet and checked off all the films we’ve seen and circled the ones we still need to see. Then I went to the driving range and worked on my hybrid club. After lunch Sue went to pool and read the book she borrowed from Marylou, “All the Light We Cannot See”. I worked on re-doing my iTunes playlist — not a small job, with over 33,000 tunes!

Sue golfing at Mountain Brook
Looking just fine after the fall!

We’d booked a tee time for 3:30 at Mountain Brook. We got on the course just about right on time, but then had to wait at EVERY tee for the  v – e – r – y   s – l – o – w  couple ahead of us. The stood in the middle of the fairway, posing for selfies. They circled the greens a couple of times, presumably looking for their lost ball. They parked their cart and then BOTH walked halfway down the fairway to take a shot with the clubs they shared, then sauntered back to the cart. YIKES! On the second tee we could see that it would be at least 15 minutes before we could take our shot, so we sat down on the old fence beside the tee blocks. KABOOM! The fence broke and there was Sue, lying flat on her back, her bare legs all scraped up and even a bit of bleeding! And both of us had mighty sore shoulders and necks from the jolt. Well, you’d think that would be enough to dissuade us from continuing this round. Oh no, not us. We adjusted attitudes and decided to just enjoy the lovely afternoon. And we did. Sue’s putts weren’t anywhere near as good as her drives, but we both had okay games. And that’s an improvement for me! And although we were both sore, no serious damage was done.

We got home just before six. Sue made another delicious supper (chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, tomato and avocado salad) — what else is new? Then we settled down to watch more ‘Suits’. I guess all my finagling with my iTunes screwed up the system — we had several ‘stalls’ in the video and I had to restart a few times. Oh well, what else do we have to do with our time? Eventually we finished the last 3 episodes of Season 2. No movies tonight. Daily Show and CBC News, and finally (after 10:30!! — hey, maybe having a nice strong coffee after supper is the secret to staying up after 8pm!) off to bed.