I’m all shook up

Woke up before 7:00 — must be daylight savings time. Had toast and fruit and coffee. Skyped with Alex. Did a small computer project for Koop. Google map of La Quinta earthquakeSue was doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen cupboards, and phoning all her friends back home and I was sitting in the can, reading my book on the iPad, when suddenly the whole room began to rumble. No, that wasn’t me. And no, that wasn’t the washer going nuts on the spin cycle. It was an earthquake! The biggest earthquake I’ve ever experienced. It lasted about 10 or 15 seconds and it shook the whole house, big time. It’s quite something to have big floor tiles and big patio doors and windows wobbling around violently for a few seconds. What was that? Sue was in the kitchen looking out the window at the yard and pool — and everything was shaking. We turned on the TV and listened to the local news desks report that it was a 5.2 quake centered just south of La Quinta, and because it was a deep quake it was felt for 100s of miles. Oh well, it’s all fun and games once it’s over and there’s no damage and everyone’s okay. Chalk it up as another new experience.
I skyped a bit with Max, who was sitting up all by himself. Sue made some lunch and we sat outside in the warm sun for a while, getting warmed up for the afternoon. It was about 85 degrees today, and it’s only supposed to get warmer every day this week. At around 2:00 we left for the golf course at Rancho Mirage. Booked it on golfnow for $25 each. We were paired up with two young guys from Arkansas. We had a great time. Finished 17 holes before we quit at around 7:00, when the sun went behind the mountains.
Back at the ranch we had some cool refreshments before Sue warmed up the leftover Chinese for supper. Checked the tv guide and decided to pick up a Redbox DVD instead, so I zipped over to Von’s to pick up “Taken 2”. It was so-so. After the movie Sue and I played a little “networked iPad” bridge until the start of David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon. Didn’t know we could stay up that late anymore.