Love People; Use Things

It’s Friday. Actually, it’s Thursday back in our ‘real’ world, but here in Auckland it’s already Friday. Had (another) lazy day. We went for a walk in the morning — stopped by a used car dealership and asked about renting a car for 2.5 months. The Asian man was eager to rent a little Nissan box-shaped car to us. We considered, and we’ll keep it in mind. Tomorrow we’re going to the Rent-a-Dent shop that I’d called earlier in the week — we’ll compare deals then.

On the way home Sue bought some mangos at an Asian fruit stand. We had lunch. Then we watched the last 3 episodes of Season 2 of Narcos. We got interrupted once when the cleaning staff knocked on our door. After they’d changed our linens and left, we concluded our Netflix binge.

We went back to the grocery store and picked up a couple of frozen pizzas. Back at the apartment we had to look through the owner’s manual to figure out how to use the oven — but we managed. Pizza wasn’t very good. We watched the CBC National and then a Netflix documentary called ‘The Minimalists’. It was pretty good. The final thought was the title of this post — and how much better THAT is than the reverse. Things don’t make us happy. (Watch this post for a ‘For Sale’ list of many of our household belongings!)

By ten o’clock Sue was in bed. I sat and wrote my journal. (I’d spent lots of my ‘in-between’ time during the day to collect, edit, and insert photos for the past 10 days. But NO photo today!)