My Golf Career Continues

Well my golf career continues. And I am having some success. After an early morning walk (part 1 of the daily triathlon) Rudy suggests a game at the local par 3 learning course down the road. I am in. We (by we I mean he) packs the clubs in the van and we head down to the course.
We share a bag of clubs which is carried mostly by Rudy. That is the job of the caddy and I have not put a fight up about that. The caddy also suggests which club to use for each shot and he often lets me know. By the end of the round I am making my own choices as I begin to get the feel of things. I am happy to say that I had so much fun on the first nine holes that we decide to another nine. I can’t say how great it feels to know what it is that I have done right if I get a great shot. Up until now it has seemed mostly random but I am beginning to have some control on my shots.

I won’t bore you with the rest of my day which consists of more of the same that I do every day.