Nashville Day 2

No breakfast in the hotel this morning. Rudy makes some watery coffee and deems it somewhat acceptable. I am craving a real delicious cup of tea so we cross the parking lot and head to the Starbucks where I order a chai tea latte. Delicious. We head out for a walk and end up in an area called Salemtown. As per usual I am super interested in the architecture. There are old small houses here but also newer duplexes that incorporate a lot of the old style of old buildings. for example, front verandahs feature prominently and this seems to be a feature that has remained important throughout the years in this neck of the woods.

After our walk we grab the shuttle down to Broadway and take a walk over the river.

After walking on the Broadway strip and having breakfast at a pancake breakfast place we head back to the hotel and almost get sucked into an evening of lying around.

Finally we manage to rouse ourselves and head back downtown for supper (some bbq), beers and more music. The shine has worn off a little and we don’t find any great music that we can sink our teeth into. We finally stop in at a VERY LOUD and busy bar. The young woman fronting the band is working hard to keep the crowd in front of her dancing and having a good time. Rudy orders a couple of beers and we sit at a small table near the front and watch the old and the young shake their booties. The beer is good, but we are tired and when they’re empty we head back to the shuttle drop-off point. There are already a few other couples waiting at the curb. The shuttle is late; very late. By time it finally arrives there are at least a dozen people trying to cram into the 8 van seats in the van.

When we get back to the hotel we don’t wait long to call it a night. Rudy turns on the tv and shortly after Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue he is fast asleep.