Nelson Golf Club, Round 2

This morning after breakfast I went to the motel office to get a book to read — they have a small ‘library’ of books other visitors have left behind, but both Phil and Jill (really! those are the names of the couple who own and manage this motel!) declared that all the books were for women and I wouldn’t want to read any of those ‘sappy’ books. But I found ONE book that Jill said was a pretty good “guy’s” book.

I walked over to the golf club pro shop, which is just down the driveway from our motel, and bought a special card that gives us 4 rounds for $125. And I booked 2 of those rounds for one o’clock this afternoon. Then back to the room to start reading my motel novel.

Meanwhile Sue was checking out hotel options for us after we leave here on Saturday. She booked something in Palmerston North for a couple of nights. And then she took her little notebook and her calculator (iPad) outside and sat under the shade of the patio where the communal barbecue is and did some accounting. It’s her way of doing “month end”. We’ve been gone January and February; now it’s up to Sue to make sure we have enough money to make it through to the end of March.

Sue on the 18th tee.

After lunch it was time to head over to the golf course. We took the clubs out of our car trunk (or “boot”, as they say here) and walked to the first tee. Another great day for golf: warm, partly cloudy, an ocean breeze to keep things comfortable. The course was quite busy this morning when I was here but not so bad now. We had a great time walking the 18 holes this afternoon. Sue was a bit frustrated with her game, but what else is new? It’s golf!

We finished at around 5pm. We went upstairs to check out the clubhouse restaurant — looks very good — we’ll maybe get our supper here on Friday after we’ve golfed our next rounds here.

Happy hour back at the motel. I was thinking we should drive into town and go to the Vietnamese restaurant for supper. But in the end I phoned a Thai restaurant and ordered ‘take away’ instead. I drove into downtown (about a 15 minute drive OVER the big hill each way) and picked it up and we had supper at our own kitchen table in our motel.

I’d spent part of the morning trying to figure out a way to get my AppleTV to connect to the wifi of the hotel. Now it was time to put it to the test. So we watched a couple more episodes of the Netflix “O.J. Simpson” series. Of course we followed that up with the CBC National News, and a few YouTube videos from the evening talk shows after that. Went to bed just before midnight.