North Platte to Albuquerque

Left our hotel at 6:30, heading west toward Denver. Our new Honda GPS wasn’t quite jiving with our old trusty Garmin, so we ignored both of them and turned south at Brush (before Denver) and took a quiet two-lane highway down towards Limon. We continued south, stopping at a Sonic drive-in for a burger in Rocky Ford, Colorado. The road was great. We came into Albuquerque once again fighting the sun in our eyes at around supper time — rush hour. We checked in at the same Best Western we’ve now used for several earlier trips through Albuquerque. Nachos and a cold beer (hey, those Fort Garry beers I put in the cooler before leaving home sure are a nice treat) and then walked across the parking lot to the Village Inn for supper. Back in our hotel room we opted NOT to watch the reporting from the US mid-term elections (Republicans won the Congress and the Senate in an anti-Obama vote), and watched a couple of HBO talk shows instead (John Oliver and Bill Maher). Fell asleep early. One more day of driving ahead.