Old Friends are the Best

Ah, it is lovely to wake up at the home of old friends and sit together for morning coffee (tea for me) and ease into the day. We are enjoying the fruits of Hilda’s labour as there are still foodstuffs left over from Matthias’ wedding (a full weekend affair where they fed 110 people 3 meals a day).

Rudy has a cycling morning planned with his friend Willie Werner who had been at Paul and Kathy’s for supper. So, he took my bike out of the van and off he went. Little Gwennie had been dropped off by Adam in the morning so Hilda and I put her in the wagon and headed down the trail behind their house for a walk before her nap. Once Gwendolyn had been put to bed and Gerhard had finished a business call, Hilda and I hopped on our bikes, caught the trail behind their house and headed out for an hour cycle. We see the sights of the city and even see a really cool statue.

We arrived home just as Rudy returned and had lunch (wedding meat buns with a special Hilda twist on the spices). It brought me back to their Blumenort home on a baking day. Hilda always made the best buns. (This was confirmed later in the evening on a phone call with Miriam when, unprompted she exclaimed how Hilda’s food was always the best.)

After lunch we headed to a walking trail further out of town. It seems already on this trip that the walks and bike rides through the various locales are a highlight.

The evening ended up to be a great food experience. We made a few pitstops on our way on home from our walk at a middle eastern grocery store for a walnut/sweet pepper spread and pita bread and then on to a seafood place for oysters. Gerhard even had to run out after we got home for some Italian Burata. Then down to their extensive wine cellar for some Italian and Spanish wine. Main course was cedar plank salmon on the bbq, a rice dish with piles of garlic, cherry tomatoes, cinnamon stick, etc. and the fresh Burrata cheese with garden tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and oil. Conversation went well into the night: old connections, new insights, and fabulous food.