Our incompetent owl

The day began like every other day here — but it gradually turned into the kind of day that the weatherman had forecast — cooling off and getting windy. I re-watched my movie from last night — since there were numerous ‘holes’ in my recollection of the plot because of me drifting off during last night’s viewing. After lunch we went for a walk — out to the movie theatre on Dinah Shore and Monterey. It was just over 2 miles in each direction. A bit cool to wear shorts but that’s what we did. We saw the movie “Side Effects”, a pretty entertaining story. After the movie we walked across the road to Costco where I bought more reading glasses and we had a big ice cream sundae. Walked back to our house. Since I’d left my DVD at home I hopped on the bike and cycled to Vons to return it. When I got back to our house I went to check out our fruit trees in the backyard. Hmmm… When we first moved in we thought we had lots of our very own fresh oranges, lemons, and grapefruits. Well, yesterday the gardeners were here and they cleaned up all the fallen leaves and fallen fruit. So now, as I look at our trees, I notice that really we only have TWO grapefruits (although the tree is blooming and maybe there are more on the way). And we have a TON of fresh lemons. And although it LOOKS like we have quite a few oranges, those pesky little birds are enjoying more oranges than we are. In fact I think I’ve seen the birds perching right on the head of the fake owl that sits at the top of our fountain! So much for the owl scaring off the birds! 

Our fruit trees provide us with more than just a nice backdrop.
Just a couple of grapefruits.
Lots of lemons!
Quite a few oranges on the tree.
Quite a few oranges on the tree.

empty oranges
After the birds get at them…
This incompetent owl is NOT keeping the birds away!

We waited with supper because we’d eaten so much ice cream. So we watched the news and our comedy shows. Then I barbecued in the dark and Sue and I ate our supper in front of the TV. More TV (and scrabble on Sue’s ipad) before going to bed. Weather for tomorrow is not so good, but it’s supposed to get back into the 80’s by early next week.