Paris: Day Twenty-seven

Because of my early bedtime yesterday, by 8:30 this morning I had tossed and turned in semi-sleep for long enough — it was time to get up. Sue wasn’t far behind me. It’s Sunday, our last full day in Paris. I hadn’t posted my journal for yesterday so I took quite a while this morning, gathering all my photos and making paragraphs. Sue read the news and then her book. At some point she booted me out of the house to go fetch the breakfast baguette. We ate breakfast. And then Sue got busy with packing and cleaning with a vengeance, almost like she’s been looking forward to this for a month! While she shook out the rugs and washed the floors and sinks, I dug out the vacuum cleaner and tried to find some lost coins behind the couch. Sue did her best to guess at the contents of some of the cleaning solution bottles under the sink by looking at the graphics on the labels. Soon everything was looking new and shiny. Better than we found it, that’s our motto! The suitcases got pulled out from the closet and soon most of the dresser drawers were emptied into them. Somehow, although we’re proud of how light we pack, there wasn’t nearly as much room in our luggage now as there was when we packed at home. Hmmm… purses?

All that watching Sue working got me thirsty before my designated beer time — so I drank the last one in the fridge BEFORE lunch. We sat around for the afternoon, resting from our morning’s activity. We watched our favorite CNN Sunday shows. Sue tried her best to read after that while I managed to find an online livestream of the NFL pre-game talk shows.

At around 6:30 we left for Belushi’s, the NFL bar. We’ve now decided that the food there is not good, so, in keeping with our day of acclimatizing back into our life in Manitoba, we decided to eat at McDonald’s before going to the pub. Yep, a real ‘un-France’ day today. CNN, McD’s, and NFL football. We’re ready to come home!

The Vikings lost badly. I think only 6 out of my 8 picks to win the early games today won — which meant that once again I wouldn’t ‘win’ a free beer at the bar. We bought a chocolate bar on our walk home. Back at the apartment I tuned in 2 of the late afternoon NFL games and watched the Broncos go to 6-0 and the Saints eek by the Patriots — oops, no, change that; the Patriots just made an unbelievable comeback and have defeated the Saints in the last 5 seconds of the game!

I set the alarm for 7:30am tomorrow and went to bed just before 2:00. Last sleep in Paris.