Pizza Night!

Friday: Because it was supposed to be another hot day, we went for our morning hike early today. Actually, I got up early today — 6:00am. So I had time to finish reading my Louis Zamperini (Unbroken) book. Then we went for a hike up Silly Mountain. In the afternoon Sue read, I talked to Koop on the phone for a bit. At 4:30 we went to pick up our next DVD at Walgreens and then headed to the golf course. We golfed the back nine today — Sue thought it was great. I played poorly, lost too many balls, had way too many terrible shots. But the scenery was great. We were done at around 6:30. Stopped by at Bashas on the way home — Sue picked up a few groceries and some cheese for tonight’s ‘cheeseburger’ pizza; I picked up some Guinness. Sampled a few of the beers with my pizza. Then we watched two episodes of Kitchen Nightmares and one episode of 20/20. By the time that was done (10pm) I was nodding off in my chair. Went to bed. It’s supposed to be windy tomorrow, then cold and rainy on Sunday and Monday. Not quite the weather we’ve sort of come to expect here.