Saturday afternoon matinee

Saturday morning in Napier. Blue skies, smiling at me; Nothing but blue skies, do I see… Bacon and eggs (sans bacon) for breakfast. We went shopping again this morning — Sue warned me that if I wanted to have sandwiches for lunch we’d need to go shopping first. And since we’ve decided to stay for another week we might as well re-stock the fridge. Sue carved up a roasted chicken to make chicken sandwiches for lunch. We’d just finished lunch when Graeme (our host) stopped by. We sat around and discussed New Zealand politics. Then at around 3pm we had to hurry across the road to the little 48-seat ‘Theaterette’ to see another movie, “Manchester By the Sea”. Sue declared it probably the best movie she’d ever seen. Certainly a strong contender for this year’s Best Picture award. The movie was two-and-a-half hours long, but it was still too early for supper. We went back to our place for happy hour. At around 7pm I went back to the little pizzeria next to the theatre and ordered a 16-pack of assorted dumplings. Kimchi, chicken, prawn, and pork. Sue made a big salad and we had supper. We watched a little Netflix and ate popcorn until it was bedtime.