Saturday, in the Park

Woke up at around 6. Made coffee. We checked devices. Then Sue made bacon and eggs for breakfast. It was a beautiful sunny day — the forecast was for about 23 degrees, but it looked like it might get hotter. Out on the street I could see masses of people of all ages running on the sidewalk beside Main Road — another ‘Family Run’ day here in Cape Town. Sue was itching to go for a long walk.

Lion's Head from the Promenade
Lion’s Head from the Promenade

But first I had some computer work that I wanted to finish. So Sue sat there patiently, reading until I was done. And then we hurried out — had to get this done before the midday heat. We headed out past the stadium to Mouille Point where the lighthouse is. Lots of people out today — families, couples, kids, cyclists. There were a lot of parasailors coming down from Signal Hill, landing in the Green Point Park. We ended up walking to Sea Point and back, about 12 kms. When we got back to the lighthouse we stopped in at one of the many beachside cafes for lunch.

Lots of parasailors in the park today
Lots of parasailors in the park today

On the way home, as we walked through Green Point Park, we saw a mass of people coming INTO the park from the other side. As we got closer we realized that we were walking into a giant GAY PRIDE parade! Yikes! We hurried through the first part of the parade and got across the street. As we walked by the Spar grocery store, we stopped in to pick up some bread. I bought a big fat weekend newspaper from Benjamin, the guy who works our street, selling papers to cars while they wait for the traffic light to change.

I had a snooze in the afternoon. Sue read. After happy hour we had a Facetime call with our kids, so we had a chance to see how their home renovations are progressing.

We watched 2 ‘Best Documentary Feature’ films: “Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom” and “What Happened, Miss Simone?”.

Sue made a great chicken salad for supper. We watched a few TED talks and went to bed at about eleven.