Sweet dreams and flying machines in pieces on the ground

Not much to say about today. Just another average beautiful day in Palm Desert. Had breakfast out on the patio. Sue did more laundry. I worked on two new websites. Sue sat outside (on the golf course) reading her big Leonard Cohen book. She visited with the neighbour lady a bit.

After lunch Sue went to the pool. Shortly after 3 we got on our bikes and went for a ride. It got cloudy and it cooled off a bit (still t-shirt weather though). Sue brought her sweatpants to Lulu Lemon down on El Paseo to get them hemmed. We cycled around the area, looking for a fruit and vegetable market. Found a few, though none that Sue really liked.

Our usual spectacularly lovely meal. Napkins by Rudy, salad and rice by Sue.

Then we cycled up Monterey to our Albertsons to pick up the movie I had booked. Got back home at around 5. Sue started supper. I barbecued chicken. We had our usual spectacularly lovely meal. Although we dragged our camera along on our bike ride today, we didn’t take any photos — so this will have to do for the ‘photo of the day’.

After watching the Daily Show and Colbert, we watched our movie, “The Paperboy”, for which Nicole Kidman was nominated for a Best Actress Golden Globe. The movie was not great. Sue thought it was scary, and blamed it for keeping her up most of the night. After the movie we watched Frontline — which was great, except I kept falling asleep. Finally went to bed, turned on the bedroom TV to see who was on Charlie Rose — and it was James Taylor! (I had just been trying some of his online guitar lessons a couple of days ago.) It was a great interview and I had no trouble staying awake for that. He talked a lot about writing songs, including where he was when he wrote some of his most well-known tunes. And he talked about how America is about its people, and not about its corporations. It made me like JT even more than I already did.

And then, after such a busy day! it was off to la-la land, at least for Rudy