Packed and ready to go

It’s the evening before I leave. Tomorrow morning I’ll head to Winnipeg with my van all packed. I’ll add Walter’s bikes and camping gear to the load and the two Nikkel brothers will hit the road for Halifax. Tonight I think we will probably take the Canadian route east, and then return via the US route.

I feel a little bad about packing Walter’s Thule carrier completely full with MY stuff — but maybe we can sort that out tomorrow morning. My guess is that we will make it to Thunder Bay for tomorrow night — our first night of camping. I’ve got to try out our old Coleman tent which hasn’t been used for nearly 8 years.

Sue and Angie will be flying out to Halifax next week Monday; we’ll pick them up at the airport and head out to Port Hawkesbury, just across the causeway to Cape Breton, from where our 8-day bike tour will depart next Wednesday.

I’ve been getting regular email updates from Werner and Karen — they’re on the way from Vancouver to Calgary on bikes. Tonight they are in the Banff campground with 2 days of cycling still ahead of them. Hope our Cape Breton adventure goes as smoothly.