The Driedgers Arrive

First full day back in Arizona. Welcome to 2012. After breakfast I cleaned up the driveway — swept up all the dead leaves.
Then we went uptown to the big Superstition Ranch Market on Apache Trail — full of shoppers looking for great deals. And we joined right in. We walked out with a grocery cart filled to the top with fresh fruits and vegetables — all for $31.00! Amazing.$31 bill for fruit We bought a few more groceries at Bashas. Then home for lunch.

After lunch we got on our bikes and went for a quick cycle to Walgreen’s and back. We were back just before 3pm — that’s when we expected the Driedgers to arrive. Sue gave me a little haircut and we had a shower. Then, at around 4pm, the company arrived. They’d had two little hiccups in their day: first, Dave had locked the keys into the trunk of the car so they only got going at around 9:00. Then, about half an hour south of our place, they were stalled on the road because there had been an accident ahead of them. But all was okay now.

We had a cool beer and watched the sun set. Sue and Marylou went for a walk. Then Sue got supper going and at around 7:30 we had our barbecued chicken and potatoes. After supper we visited a bit. Dave worked on a crossword.

By 10:30 the Driedgers went to bed. We watched a bit of late night TV and then went to bed too.