Thursday at home in Cape Town

We went for a long walk on the promenade again this morning. We had gone a few kilometres when I started feeling a bit weak. A little shaky. Was it because I stayed up too late last night? Or maybe I just need a bit of energy. We were near the the big public swimming pool where there are quite a few small food booths, so I sat down at one of the picnic tables there and ate a delicious crepe with nutella and bananas. That cured whatever it was that ailed me!

The trees at the parking lot along Sea Point.
The trees at the parking lot along Sea Point have been ‘bent’ over by the constant ocean breeze. They provide shade for the cars that are small enough to park under them.

When we got back we went grocery shopping. After lunch I worked on a website while Sue finished reading her bookclub book, “The Woman Upstairs” (4 stars from Sue). The kids Facetimed a bit.

I went to pick up sushi for supper. It was starting to get windy — the forecast is for LOTS of wind tonight. On the way to the restaurant I met my new friend Mike, the ‘parking guy’ from down on our street. He’d been ordered off our street by one of the security guards from the apartment across from us who was going to call the cops if Mike didn’t leave. Mike saw me, called hello to me, asked my how I was doing. He was on his way to the beach — he’ll sleep there tonight. Maybe he’ll try coming back to our street again tomorrow night. He was all matter-of-fact about it!

Sue and I ate our supper and then doddled around some more until around 9pm. I Skyped with my parents. Then I queued up another Netflix documentary, “The Hunting Ground”, and we watched that. Had another Skype with Ed and Val in Gold Canyon. It was midnight when we went to bed.