Visitors from Goodyear!

Man, the pool was FULL of leaves this morning! And another 30 or 40 lemons were lying below the lemon tree. We had big wind here last night, and it was still blowing pretty good when I woke up at 7. So after a quick breakfast I was out there screening the debris out of the pool while Sue gathered lemons. We had some cleaning up to do today — we’re expecting visitors from Goodyear this afternoon. So that meant we had to do some more cleaning up. Sue swept the patio, the entrance, the driveway. I carried out garbage and got out the vacuum cleaner. It seems the more we clean, the more places that need cleaning appear. I got a break from the vacuuming when Max skyped. We had a lovely visit. Then back to work! It seemed a lot warmer than the 77 degrees the thermometer read. When we were all done cleaning we showered and had lunch. Sue started making appetizers and supper. I went back to work on the computer. Then at about 4:00 Robert and Arlene arrived. I just happened to spot them on the driveway across the bay — hmmm.. that looks like Robert. And it was! Quick tour of the house. We had drinks outside on the patio — joined by a few flies which must have come down here from Arizona. We moved inside for appetizers and more visiting. It turns out that the Dycks know nearly everything there is to know about our lives, courtesy of this blog. That meant that whenever I got a fact wrong in one of my stories they could correct me! Keeps the BS to a minimum!

Robert insisted that he didn’t want to do any of the fun and exciting things I had planned for them — he preferred to just do the everyday boring things that Rudy and Sue do when they’re home alone. That ruled out the foreign film and the visit to the art gallery across the street. And we learned that Arlene knows more about Palm Dessert than we do, thanks to the many times she’s been here with the Coleman family. I guess touring around the area wouldn’t be that interesting for her. So there we were, the four of us sitting on the couch, doing what we normally do when we’re home alone — watching ‘our shows’ — Colbert and Jon Stewart.

rob-arlene-visitSue served a mexican torte thing for supper. We discussed our lives. What good children we have. A little dispute about who had the cuter grandchild was finally resolved with a showdown of who had the MOST photos.

Tonight, for once, the Scrabble game on the ipad had a night off. Right now everyone except me is fast asleep, but I’m sitting here updating the journal. I better head off to bed — I’ve got an important golf date tomorrow.