Visitors from Palm Desert

It’s Sunday morning. I’m waking up WAY too early. The good thing is that the timezone here is 2 hours behind Steinbach time, and quite a few of the shows on TV are on earlier than they’d be at home. So I watched SOME of my favourite Sunday morning TV shows.

I’d been derelict with my blog writing and posting on this trip, so I sat down and started writing about the past 5 or 6 days. Man, this sucks! I should know better than to procrastinate. I can’t even REMEMBER what I did every day! Oh well, like Mary Poppins says, “Well-begun is half done.” I had a pretty good start by the time Robert and Arlene arrived. They had driven down to Phoenix where they’d left their motorhome in fall, and driven it down and parked it Palm Springs where they will be spending the next month or so. Today they are driving their car back here to Phoenix for a 3-day visit at my place. I’ve booked tee times at Sidewinder for today and tomorrow afternoon.

The Dycks arrived at around noon. We made sandwiches and had a quick lunch and then hurried to the golf course. The temperature was a little cooler than what is forecast for the next week or so, but very pleasant for riding around the course hacking away at a little white ball. Which is what we did! And it was fun. My sore hand meant I had to adapt my grip a bit, but in the end the three of us finished (just before the sunset at 6:30) with similar, if not stellar, scores for the round. 

It hardly made sense to go back to the house for a happy hour — it was already time for supper! So we opted for dinner at the roadhouse that is next to the golf course parking lot. The restaurant has undergone numerous changes over the years since we’ve come here — most recently it was known as ‘The Hitching Post’. Now it is “Wahoo’s”. Well, the name has changed, and it certainly is busier than it often was when we were here 3 winters ago, but there are more similarities than there are changes. We found an open table and ordered pizza and wings. Next to us were a couple of big poker tables where a motley assortment of players came and went while we had our meal. 

Back at the house we opened up a very fine bottle of port that Robert and Arlene had brought with them and toasted the conclusion of a fine day here in Gold Canyon. Let’s do it all over again tomorrow.