We’ve moved in

Sue actually switched on the A/C last night! We had a leisurely breakfast at the Best Western in GC and then went back to our room. Sue was already making a shopping list while I updated my journal. At around 11 we checked out and walked down the road to the Wells Fargo bank. We opened up an account there and now we each have a debit card that we will use for our stay here. Well, you’d think that all we had to do was hand over a cheque to deposit in the bank and we’d be good to go — oh no, that whole business of ‘opening up an account’ took us nearly 2 hours!

After a quick lunch at the Subway it was 2:00 and time to ‘move in’ to our home on Flint Drive. That took us all afternoon — Sue put away all the clothes, the groceries, the toiletries. I put our bikes together, sorted out the golf clubs and bags, put my ‘office’ chair together and set up the old card table we’d brought along from home to use as my ‘computer desk’. Got all the electronic devices configured and connected — looks like it will work just fine. Our place is quite a bit brighter than our previous place in Gold Canyon and it ‘feels’ warmer.

Sue sent me out to pick up chinese food and some bread and peanut butter for tomorrow’s breakfast (okay, the chinese is for TODAY’S supper!) so I did that. After a ‘great’ supper of spicy shrimp and fried rice I sat down to watch Thursday Night Football. The game was over by halftime so I did my best to find a CBC channel so we could watch The National. Yikes, too many channels — and I had quite a time finding the “At Issue” panel. But I did. And I fell asleep on the couch before it was over. Sue hied me off to bed. First night in our new home — man, it’s quiet, an almost full moon lighting up the dark streetlight-free street. Feels good.