What’s Around the Corner?

Just when we think that we know what is going to happen the next day (more scenery on the Blue Ridge Parkway) we are surprised. But before I talk about the day’s adventures I must report on breakfast. Breakfast, a la continental, has become repetitive and it is hard to face it in the morning. For those of you who know me, you know I like a good cup of tea in the morning. I am a tea snob. I prefer a double bergamot earl grey with milk and honey. On this trip all that is offered in America’s Favorite Tea. Or at least that is how the Lipton’s sawdust tea is labeled. But….I have figured out how to make the best of it. Only steep it for a scant minute or so. Don’t allow the bitter flavours to take over. Then go to the fridge for the milk. Bypass the fake cream in the basket. Put a little white sugar in it and drink it hot. After the usual waffles and a delicious sausage patty (my standards are slipping) we head on down the trail. Even though we may have tired

The roads are curvy and the foliage is beautiful. Although the fall colours are not at their prime, they are still amazing. The landscape has changed. We are not driving on ridges now but rather through farmlands and meadows and, of course, the trees. We are experiencing rural America. There are run down (and regular) mountain houses with front verandahs complete with rocking chairs. There are wrap around verandas on some houses, and ponds and the names for roads are things like Snake Road and  Parsons Gap.We stop at Rocky Knob to go to the washroom and enjoy a walk around the vehicle and down the path. The sun is shining brightly and many people have set up their lawn chairs beside their cars and are enjoying the warm October weather. At Mabry’s Mill we are inundated with senior’s tours as they take in the authentic water wheel that runs a corn mill and saw mill. Seniors, literally on their last legs (hunched over with walkers) have lined up for the authentic meal at the mill restaurant.

After this we press on to the Blue Ridge Music Center where we listen to a couple of bluegrass musicians. One old man, who must be in his nineties, sings and plays guitar. His voice is thin with age but he has great stories and knows a lot of music. His musical partner is younger and plays the mandolin and violin. It is rich. we tour the music history museum. It is well done and pays tribute to folk music in America. Afterwards we decide our destination for the night is Mount Airy. It is famous for being the birthplace of Andy Griffith. The Andy Griffith show was popular in the 1960s. I remember the actor Don Knotts but other than that I am vague about it all. We pull into town and find a motel, only to find that there is going to be a huge fall festival going on in town this weekend. There are 3 stages with music as well as loads of vendors. We decide to stay in this town for two nights. Can barely wait until tomorrow. It may be a bust but really I am excited for the adventure no matter what.

After a supper of bread and cheese, olives, grapes, and wine, we turn in for the night.

You never know what’s around the corner and we are going to find out tomorrow.