Winter Golf

It’s cold here today. We decided to ‘warm up’ by going for a brisk walk before lunch. We walked across Gold Canyon to Bashas — picked up some bread — and back home again. According to that new ‘MapMyWalk’ app on my phone we waked almost 9 kilometres.

After lunch (the ‘usual’, sandwiches, but with very fresh bread today!) we drove to Mountain Brook Golf Course. We’d booked an ‘online special’ for 1:45pm. I guess the weather forecast (cold, cloudy) meant few golfers were booking tee times — we hardy Manitobans will brave any kind of weather for a ‘deal’! We ended up being paired up with a couple of older guys who are parked in the RV Park across the road for the winter.

Sue wearing jacket and hat, putting.After the first two or three holes the sun came out and it warmed up a bit. Golfing was fun, but our games were not very good. And by the end of the afternoon it was quite cold again. The old guys didn’t have jackets and they looked VERY cold. We finished our round (both shot 106) and went home to warm up. Leftover Chinese for supper.

We finished the first season of ‘Suits’ tonight and followed that up with a LONG movie, ‘Boyhood’. I’d heard that it’s Obama’s favorite movie of the year. We both liked it too. It was filmed over about a dozen years, and it follows the growing up of two children in ‘real time’ so the main characters actually grow up as the movie progresses. After the movie we watched the ‘At Issue’ panel on CBC and the Daily Show before going to bed.